Thursday, December 23, 2010

My School Days ♥

School has been a very fun memory for me for so many years now , and i'm pretty sad that its all over.
There will be no more chance for me to wear uniforms , fooling  around at the school compound, watch people fight , complaining about how the toilet stinks , etc etc etc ......
But ,
the only thing that i hate about school are exams , classrooms and teachers .
Exams are nightmares ,
classrooms are like microwaves,
and teachers are like ...erm....i dun knw....they are like what they used to be , which are used to be disliked.

i wanted to share some of my photos of my school days .♥

Let me start with Form 3...

Form 3 are those days when we are such worried about PMR, but still never forget about having fun ♥

 At Spring...My hair is still damn short and i really look stupid ...FML

 Buzy buzy year~~ buzy buzy time ~~

After PMR basically we go to school for fun , there is nothing for us to do anymore except playing .
Good Fun Memories♥

 She only smiles when exams are over ~~ LOLZ

 TSY's school camwhore pic.

I forgot what are we doing at cat's house that time , but they seems to be looking at something interesting.


Form 4 , 

Taking photos for P.Moral Project , we look so fake ...



FORM 5 , the year of SPM, the year of nightmare..

 My b'day

 I posted about it HERE

 Our school computer room.

Studying at state library.......

I post about the library trip HERE 

Last day of school.....

 What are this two doing ???
Ans =  Playing games .. -___-""""

Took a picture with siew woon's and her frenz..
 Gals Group photo!♥
Actually i dun really like this pic because i look like im having short hair.

Arrr~~~ i'm gonna miss it so badly ~~~~
And i think this is my first post with so many pics ,
well i'll try to share more next time .



Sunday, December 19, 2010

My holiday ♥

Having a holiday recently ......
After being bored for like three days , i chopped all the mushrooms on my head and decided to find a job to spent my free time yet gain money .

But i found out that finding a job is much much harder than i thought , at least it is harder than last year ~
Anyways , i found my job and i'm now working at Young Soo's Ice Cream at Jalan Song.
It is quite new for me bcoz i never really work at this kind of place before , and i kinda like it ♥

My boss is a korean and he don speak fluent english , but he is a nice guy and fortunately i understand his english.
Working there i learnt a lot , at the same time i failed a lot too !
As humans working there , i need to follow the mood of the stupid ice cream machine . When the machine have good mood , everything goes great and successfully . But when the machine losses it's mood , anything bad may happen !
Yesterday , i made an ice-cream cone with a "bengkok" ice-cream on it , and right before the customer went out from the store , the ice-cream dropped !!!!!!!
Then we have to make a new one for him and my seniors need to clean up for me , felt sorry for them who always cleans up my mess =(

Anyways ,
i'm very concern about this job and my dance class because both will crush at the same time , I dun knw What to do for now because there  no one there to change shift with me and discussing with my boss won't really help.
i cute picture i saw from the net and it makes me misess dancing more =S

So if there is anyone out there who wants a job can you pls come and work here so that i can fin a solution to solve this problem , lolz ~


A Gym Date ♥

Last Friday ,
I went to the gym for some workouts because i gain a few weight and i'm really desperate to loss it all off my body , i'm really pissed because weight seems to like to stay with me oftenly , and i really do hate its visit !
Anyways ,
I invited my friends to go with me in case i went into something terrible or horrifying there .
We went to the poolside gym at stampark because the price was quite reasonable and it includes the pool. It cost us RM10 per person and we can use it from 7 in the morning till 4pm .

Inside the changing room ...I'm all prepared while the two of them needed time to change, ali even forgot to wear sport shoes TO A GYM !

After that , we went in the gym .
I started with i 'thing ' that i dun even know wad is it and start to burn calories ! Burn you little-good -for - nothing CALORIES !
Then went for the bike and treadmill .
At first i thought the treadmill is suppose to be fun but actually it is not . It takes a long long time to burn a little calories .

We work out quite a period of time and we sweat like people who came out from the pool = =
It is really disgusting though .
So we decided to cool down and head for the pool instead ,
We also took some photos while we're around .

Back Home ........



Sunday, December 12, 2010


I'm having my last paper tommorow which is chinese = =
But i already declare my own merdeka once i finished my bio on last Wednesday.

Went to gym for workout on last Friday and i hope i'll have the time to blog about it because my line nowadays really pissed me off a lot .

As for me now , i'm looking for a job which may give me some oncome for my KL trip , but looking for one is so much harder than i thought , and i dun wanna go back to the last job i have ....Haiz , everything is getting complicated and complicated .

By the way , i'm waiting for my hair to grow longer so that i could change my hairstyle , but i'm so dissapointed with my hair because it really takes a long long long long long long long time to grow maybe an inch ..><""""

Eh-hem , that's all ...BYE ♥