Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Bomb

Actually i wanted to drop a bomb, but i guess i was too rush yet the time is too fast, then everyone around me knew abt THE BOMB, yes, the fact is, I'm currently in KL... for a veryy...... long...... time......

As i decided to come, i thought that i should start handling myself by my own in  this amazon, see how long I'll survive, cause if not now when ?

After i got here one month and a half later, I TOTALLY REGRET ALL THAT BS ALL THAT CRAP OF SHIT.

MAybe I'll be thankful in the future for making this decision but now, i must say, life is awful.

Before i came, i did lotsa farewells lotsa visitings with all my relative and friends and eat all i can cause i knew that I'm gonna miss it soooo much, which turns out that i forgot and missed out lotsa stuff. Now I'm here, it took quite sometime for me and my friends to get offered to the uni, we spent our first 3 weeks hanging out with total boredom. After we started class, things wasn't as easy as it used to be, but i guess its a challenge. But the life in the big city isn't really my type of thing, all the expenses are killing me, gosh why didn't i just stay with my perfect simple life in Kuching ? lol

I'm just trying to get all this stuff outta my head, I'm sure that i can do this, and one day i will be proud of my decision, just that now is not the time,.... NOPE... its not.

I miss all parts of my old life, my family, my home, my friends, my work place n buddys, and food~
So, if i ever told u guys i miss u, I REALLY DO ! and those that i might not mention for now, I MISS U DAMN BADLY.

MAybe i just need a roller coaster to get me through the ups and downs =)