Tuesday, February 22, 2011

KL-- Behind The Scenes

This are mostly taken by me , about some bits and pieces that are uncategorized.

At the Kuching Airport 

 At our hotel ,

While waiting for others to shower, I decided to takes alotsa pictures of fifi since she will be staying in KL after the trip...sad max !

 She is my friend since primary school and it is already 11 years now ...
Argh i misses her , tsk tsk ~

 Fiona was sad too i guess, or maybe she's just tired ...

Next morning breakfast...hotel breakfast, dun really like it though..



 these puzzles are the cutest puzzles i've ever seen !
But it is blardy hell expensive...

 Beancurd jelly a.k.a tau-hu-hua  
It's too bad it is served in warm , i wanted something refreshing when i ordered it...

Coffee Egg Tart !

 First day shopping !!
BTW, these are not mine , just borrowed it from others to take some pics

 Cat's Slippers

 My monorail ticket!

Sunway Lagoon Pass
 We went to the wildlife park after having fun with the theme park.


Furless- rat....Just skin...-.-

 Snakes and Snakes


Charmeleon ??? 
i oso dunno

Is this the 龙猫??
There are so adorable !!!!!

Oh well, snakes again.....-.-

Some kind of furry rodent with an athena-liked-tail...

Wild bunnies !!!
My kicks from sg wang

 Strawberry from the strawberry farm, 
darn expensive, 
that's why we pick and send it into our mouth immediately instead of the basket so we can eat more and buy less...

Last pic taken on the second last day ,
My hair is freakin messy coz i just went out from shower...teehee^^

Sorry for the size of the photos and the blurry effect...
I accidentally set the photo size to a smaller size on my phone camera and that's why it gets blur when i make it larger ....

Well, that's all i have ,
seeya !


KL -- part 2


 Went to the zoo on the next day after Sunway Lagoon ...First stop we stopped by at the farm animals site i guess , the little animals are so cute and heart melting .


 That morning was so freakin hot !
We turn our interest to finding a shade instead of watching the animals...

 Giraffe ~~~~~
Gimme your long -beautiful- legs !!

 Seeing the lion actually made me happy ... I think is because i never saw a lion before, the head was actually smaller than i thought ...I always expect that lion will have big furry ( or puffy ?) head...
Different breed maybe... -.-


 On the next day,
We're going to Genting Highlands!
A last group pic taken at the hotel, it is also the last photo taken with fifi becoz she's not following us for the rest of the trip....

 Red-haired fifi ^____^

Before going to Genting Highlands, 
we went to PLKN camp to meet up someone we know.....

Then stopped by at a temple called 佛光山

 Erm ,
That was me..-.-

After that , went to genting highlands by bus then cable car.

These are the photos went we went to a temple at genting, but i forgot the name of the temple...
It was freezing cold that day, just look at the mist !

Strawberry Farm  !!


Went to stay at bukit bintang after genting highlands and start to shop till broke !!
There's nothing to take pics about at bukit bintang , so unfortunately there's no pics to share...

So , that's all for part two ..
tata <3