Wednesday, October 27, 2010

PC Breakdown !!

It's such a big impact for me when my pc started to breakdown , and now i have to use the laptop to keep myself online . It is a sad thing because i'm not used to and dislike using the laptop . Plus , i wanted to download songs and upload photos , but without pc , i CAN'T !
I'll definitely get scolded if i use the laptop to download stuff , coz it's not even mine ~

Sad thing number 2,
My mum who always wanted me and my bro to focus more on our studies refuse to bring it for to the ''doctor'' because she dun wan us to spend time online anymore . SWT !

Sad thing number 3,
Since their is no pc , i can only online for maybe a while coz my dad needs the laptop for work . And because of that , their is nothing for me to do in my free time , especially those days without school , boredom to the max ! For tv, i just finished '' My girlfriend is a Gumiho " which is very very very nice , but since i finished it , i have totally nothing to watch now ...............SWT !!

Sad thing number 4 ,
Now the only thing that i can keep on with is with my revision . Went to the library oftenly in a week and it reli sucks coz i need to keep forcing myself  reading and revising those stupid science subject . I will never forget how much i hate science and i will never change my mine towards it . SWT !

Sad thing number 5 ,
I miss dancing soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much but there is still 2 months left . I was thinking maybe i can work out by listening to a little music while overcoming this two months , but guess what ? My pc brokedown and i can download any music ! SWT !
Looks like i'm going to a cyber cafe soon ....= =

Sad thing number 6 ,
My blog is going to be dusty this lately bcoz i dun thing i wiil have the time to update it . Even it is updated , it won't show any photos till my pc is back ....*sigh*

Last but not least , MY DULL LIFE IS KILLING ME !!!
just wish that spm comes earlier !


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


1.同學: 我沒唸啊,不知道為何考這麼高? 
3.老闆: 我不會忘記你的貢獻。
4.職員: 明天我就不幹了。 ...
5.商人: 虧本大拍賣,只到今天!
6.明星: 我們只是朋友。 
7.男孩: 乖,不會痛的。
8.女孩: 這是我的第一次。 
9.父母: 我幫你把紅包存起來了。
10.歐巴桑: 帥哥..............
taken from the net .

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tweet Tweet ♥

I just registered myself a Twitter account this lately ...
Please don be shock or laugh or anything okay ~ I din wanted to register earlier is because of some personal issues , not because of wad u think right now , yup ..YOU !!

I've choosen this chio background as my twitter background , and i love it to the max Max MAX!! ♥
It makes me comfortable and i dunno why ~ hehe

Here is my Twiiter Link
I will place a little link on my blog next time .


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