Saturday, July 27, 2013

Being serious

I'm actually producing chinese words in my head while im writing this post, thanks to two of my fabulous talented frens yet bloggers who wrote deep rooted mandarin which im not even to be compared of .. so its better for me to continue blogging in manglish.... HEHE.. I'm Malaysian...

Its funny though, the time when u wanted to express, lotsa lotsa things that happens to you, but u just cant find the right person to start with. I mean every person is busy with their life, I cant say people are that heartless to refuse but i really dun want to knock on a cold door, can't stand the freeze.... Some people are not suitable cause i don't want to start with someone related to the point, i dun wan to bad talk and make people have the same feeling towards somebody while that person did nothing wrong on them... I shud be the one hating them, not everybody.... ='S

Another funny thing to laugh about is, I dun understand why, like why do people gets to ignore the feelings of people who keeps quite.. Being silent doesn't mean that u have the right to ignore my feelings, to hurt me, to insult me, and take things away from me.....Don't cross the limit, its okay u take all the rubbish, but dun take away those i appreciate... 我不是什么时候都可以没关系, 不用紧。



Thursday, July 4, 2013

Okay, IM BACK !

 An old pic of mine after a wedding dinner, ignore the wounds on my face tq, its all better now

I'm back to blogger, and i'm saying this seriously which i really do hope that it last... hahaha......Thanks the the special one who reminds me about my blog which i eventually forgot half of it already for the past few months.. Now i'm back so you can read =))

Hmm, let me think, what happen for the past 2 months after my emo post...

I've been around Kuching for sure.. haha.. I've went to Matang 3 times in this 2 months plus with totally different people..

This is when i went with my colleagues, i have too less photos on the other 2

I went for movies !! Especially FAST 6 !!!!!!

I've been waited for fast 6 for a year now and its finally here! I was damn good and i'm happy with letty joining back the team.. it was fantastic and i can't wait for FAST 7 !! Jason Statham OMG !! It's just gettin better n better...

And for recently, of coz its gonna be World War Z and White House Down...
I prefer white house coz its more funny and interesting for me though.. while WWZ isn't the my kind of movie i its okay larhhh..

As for the stuff that i've been actually very busy with in this two month is, my project !
My class are going to organize a real event as our semester project, all of us was so busy with it and now its almost time for it to glow,

Its only 17 days till the event, its about time we put every puzzle in one .. FIGHT FOR IT !!

If your interested feel free to join or ask or like our page for more info !

I'll blog more i the future !