Monday, August 12, 2013

ZZSF The Dream Makers

Yea, you're probably seeing my new blog design now.. oh yayyy~ As usual, i seems to be so bonded with vintage which i dun feel like changing it everytime, so, vintage background just like old times, but definitely more brighter than the old one =)
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Okay, back to the point. We'll , people who knows the title knows that its actually a drama, a sg drama actually. I usually dun really watch sg dramas but i found this drama interesting and it actually makes me watching episode over episodes, drama marathon the whole day.

Why is it so interesting ? I duno oso...
Maybe its because it reflects the reality world more than normal dramas. Yet it shows more in the entertainment industry, which somehow seems interesting at times. Not to forget, the cast, I like Chen Li Ping and Zheng Hui Yu, after the drama i love Rui En and Jeanette Aw as well. Of coz la the male character are awesome too, but i think drama focused more on the female's acting.

I like the role Fang Tong Ling by Rui En,
Its a comedic character which brings alotsa smiles =) I just can't get enough of her ! haha

I like the couples too, it's great to have Tong Lin to be with Jason at the end <3 but="" div="" du="" hillarious="" i="" like="" moments="" much="" peng="" s="" she="" the="" when="" with="" zhan="">

The way of their speaking catches my eyes too, or should i say my ears ? lol
It reflects the relationship between people, the reality kind. It reflects the adulthood, where people used to aim, dream, love, forgive and forget. It's just a style of matured living i guess, where people dun waste time to think of the little things that we used to care, but to focus more on the problems in front of us.

I did learned alot from the drama =)

The dream makers..
Check it out if you haven't.=)


Sunday, August 11, 2013

I decided... to CHANGE

I know i'm gonna hate myself and regret for blogging at this hour because i'm actually having a exam paper tomorrow morning, yet it's a final exam..LOL..

I don't know how many times i've been willing to change, but how far did i went ? Few steps ahead i guess... Sometimes, I really think that people gets the best when they are rich, i mean, rich people they get to have everything, clothes, food, lifestyle, cars etc etc ETC... Its something that normal people dream of, having all that in their palm. OH WELL, life ain't easy... I know i'm not up to that standard of living, being nice and easy, simple and cozy is already enough for me =)

The change i've stated there is, about myself, my blog, my way of living, my way of treating, my way of caring, and of course my appearance =)

It's only some bits and pieces of concept in my mind which i dun know how to complete it for now, hehe, but for sure the first thing i'll start, its gonna be this blog! There's gonna be some makeover around here so stay tuned ! As i will be more active with my blog =) More pictures to be posted too =)))

End of this post i actually felt lame because i'm blogging about a stupid decision at the middle of the night before a final exam paper in the morning.... ANYWAY LARH...