Sunday, May 27, 2012

Drama time !

The last time I blog about drama is about Dream High ??
The 4 blockbuster amazing dramas from March are finally reaching its end! Which are rooftop prince, love rain, fashion king and also the king 2 hearts..<3

I've just finished Rooftop Prince and I have to rate it 9/10 !! For me it was nice , not only its funny but also romantic and exciting .. Love it !

It's actually a romantic comedy about a Joseon Dynasty prince who jumps 300 years into the future (our present time), where he meets a woman who looks just like his lost princess... Starring Park Yoo Chun(JYJ) and Han Ji Min ..All to funny things they overcome will make you laugh out your tummy ..LOL
Here are the cast...

I love their transformation too !! They dressed like the people in the future to fit in, and they looked absolutely handsome..Yoochun is just too cute !

Han Jimin is looks pretty in this drama, her acting was so good and natural, along with the improved acting skills of Yoochun, they made a great couple, and a great drama!

A selca from the cast.

#Last Episode.
I cried after watching the last episode, especially when they meet up at the end, although its abit twisted about who actually is standing in front of her, but I just assume it as a good ending shall do.. Or perhaps it was TaeYung because there was no necklace..hmm.. Anyway.. They both match well hahaha..

Next Drama,
The King 2 Hearts ,


Love Rain,

Obsessed ~ ><


Monday, May 7, 2012


Time to blog again ! Stopped for quite some time hehehe...I've started a new sem starting from may *sigh* I'm too lazy for school ~~ Gonna have my kitchen class later , aww I miss kitchen class.. But still abit nervous because it's more advance compared to the basic I had on the 1st sem...I should wipe my knifes later..=)

Just some simple updates ..

#Went to help my aunt at her stall for this charity fair..

#I was left alone at home this weekend because my parents and my bro are going for a softball competition, me who was not involved was left bored to death like seriously..Wearing floral tops with a lace short and wedges , I'm so ready to go out to kill some boredom !

Went to spring for some window shopping and survey on the materials I  might need for my cooking class. I need to demo and sell my French Cuisine set on week 4 of this sem, the recipe should be submitted this week...BUT ! The worst part is I dun even understand the world of French Cuisine...I was like " what the?" all the time when doing research on web..By the way, can anyone tell me what is a Brie ???

Bought these French cookies at ta kiong .. I think it was quite pretty and maybe i can use it as my deco for deserts ? lol

#Another boring day~ Went out to have lunch with colleagues then went around kuching again..><
Went to a few pet shops and also to Giant for my ingredient survey ..

End my post with a pic of tabasco I've taken during work...=)