Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy B'day Dad !!

2day is my dad's birthday ..^^
i spent a lot of time finding the present tat i wanted to buy ,
but i din found the suitable one ...ToTALLY sadNEss !

Again for the last minute i bought i very special present ...
Although i dun knw wad's the reaction of my dad after opening it ,
but at least i think is cute n useful~  >< 
There's no badminton 2day i ran off  quickly to the store n buy the present ....
Then i head bac to my kenyalang home to wait for my dad to fetch me ...
(by hiding the present n the present paper )
When i reach home i went upstair's to pack the present ...
( my dad is watching tv he din notice me ..haha)

i start off by preparing ....

a cutter
a useless card
and present paper ...^^
1st , i wrapped the card with the present paper ..
then i use it as the base of my present ( the place my finger is pointing )
because of the odd shape of the thing , tis is the only way to wrap it ...
the shape is done !
after placing the present in it , it is sealed ...

now its time for a little decorations ..
bcoz the present paper is already very funky i did not put much one the deco...i ♥ the yoyo cici
FINISHED !!! ♥♥♥♥♥

if you are curious about wad the present is ..
take a look ,
tis is the present ... ^^
its a suprise yet it is not suppose to be revealed yet..
but i knw thr's somebody knw wad is it right ?
u guys knw tat i consider for tis already last time ...
so ...haha ^_^  ##

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dinner at Hartz Chix

Me n my family had a dinner at hartz a few days ago ...
it was frm one of my parents frenz,
her baby daughter was one years old !
wonder y so many baby keeps growing instantly in tis few months...
wad a tragedi ...HAHAX
i prefer babies tat r not up to the walking stage ....bcoz when they walk ...
u will be doing exercise for the whole day ....
so, for me ...
babies r the cutest !! before they starts to walk ... hehe ^^
y will babies grow so fast ??? like i said ...

BTW, these r the photos taken ....^^...not much but few ....

jasmine..its a bit kosong ady,  coz we r the last guest staying thr talking talking talking ...haha

tun n my mum ...

tat's all ....hehe.
juz wait for the next update ...^^

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boulevard gai gai

on 24th of April~
me + cat + to-tis + bear + alyssa went to gai gai ....
1st , we went to a cafe called " CooCooRon Cafe "
Tis is the cafe , i was nice but thr was ntg to eat ....= =
so ,
we went to boulevard to hv our lunch ,
then we started our shopping time ~
tis r the photo's taken when we are fooling around ...

at the playground

at the mask section ......argh ! ali being attacked by a giant spider !!! ><

At the toys section ...

Had a nice day tat day ...
Thx to BCH !! ♥♥
but ...
i haven bought the thing i nid to buy !!!!!
HELP !!!!!  ##

Friday, April 16, 2010

Future Talk

still thinking about wad im going to do after my SPM...
go for STPM ? Foundation ? or A-Level ~
i heard frm the principle of other institute come to our school to giv ceramah ~
he says tat " interest can't make a bright future "
Im thinking tat should i juz giv up my own interests n juz choose those which wil giv more benefits ???

Future is such a scary thing ...
no ppl can predic their future ,
WE could only choose what we're going to start our future wif ...
we won't knw about the ending ....
But im sure tat it will b like in movies ...
full wif adventure ....
ppl in the movies wil fight monster, bad guys , and so and so .....
In real life,
we wil be fully - filled wif problems of anykinds ~

Choices ,
wad wil i make ....
will i regret ????
or will fit me right ??       ##

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Bump ~

Sunday dance class ...
Argh ~ still can't do the six steps n the rest properly  ....
my hand were in pain .......55~

my hand tat day after practice ~

when i go home , i practice n practice n practice ....
den ..
my hand becomes like tis ~

yup ~ 黑青 !!!!

but i still nid to practice hard !!!
ar ~ wish me gud luck ! ##

Friday, April 9, 2010

My B'day !

Yesterday was my 17 yrs old b'day ....
thx for all the thing tat u guys prepared....

tis is wad happened tat day ~~~~~~~~
When i went to school... everyone behave juz like usual
i din even knw tat was something happening tat day ~
until we reach recess....
when i reach class... they INDRODUCE me to the cake they prepared ( made by bch)
i was quite shocked actually ! haha

tis is the cake ....^^

then, i was forced to cut the cake ....
our group photo !!!! 15 of us shared n finish the big chocolate cake !
psu ~ the cake is finished !!
tis is the present my frenx gave me (dog) n the pencil case of angela's
they are trying to make frenz ..hehe
then ~ they wanted to 'decorate' me with my present, the rabbit n a ribbon ~~~~
then ~~~
i went home  
i opened the present my family gave me ~
the cap gave by my bro ~
me n my new cap ! ^^
then is the present gave by my mum ~ nicely wrap still ~
opening ~
its a watch !!!
me n my new watch !
me n the dog my frenz gave me ~
After that ,
i went to tuition ( regret ),
after my tt , i had my cake at home !
its a black forest cake  !! yum yum !!
inside the cake !
yummy !!!!!!!!
oh ! n also those who gave me b'day blessings on facebook ...
thank u guys !!!
thx for the blessings guys !!!

i had a vry unforgetable birthday tis year !!
thx for all this ....
tis my my last birthday on my secondary school life ...
thx for giving good memory guys !
n for the present n cake from my family ...
thank u !!! i luv it !!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU !!  ##