Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy List ??

I've made a list of my own about the things that brights up my day recently .. Maybe its just because my life is quite stressed out so i get happy pretty easily . Okay so here's how......

When there is people that eats with me.
I've never realize how important is this !!! Till i've been in housekeeping ( yess im still in housekeeping FML) , and i havin my lunch at a time where my frens already had their lunch and go back to work...So i have no time to meet up and chit chat like we used to do in the canteen... Then i will end end just eating by myself ..#foreveralone..=.=

When I did my job well
No matter in which department i'm in, I did tried my very best to do everything right , to learn every single things that are taught, to do every single task that are needed to be done... I love the GREAT feeling during working when that job or task makes me feel like i can do this pretty well...Or when i've served and made a guest sastified ...I love the feeling that makes me felt like i'm useful......But I do admit that i've done ALOTSA mistakes too* im sorrrryyyy** ...

Girls hang outs !!
This is one of the standards ! I love to hang out with with the girls anytime anywhere, even in the car.. I love every moment with them cause they are the right people that i can be the real me except than my family. I just can't describe how much i LOVE them !!

Losing weight
Its abit strange to say about this topic because the whole losing weight thing is about two weeks ago and i dunno whether i've gained weight onot, i think i did cause i ate way too much ...But i did lose almost 5 kg in 2 weeks a few weeks ago..And that makes me felt very happy so i might as well just put this into my happie list

Off days ~~
This is also one of the standards.. Who in the world won't be happy to have their off day ?? hahahaha... I just LOVE off days... But i'm usually busy too during off days.. Go to banks, the pet shops,  buy stuff, limteh...bla bla bla... Non stop activities, but still im luvin it <3

Okay, the top 5 off the week!! im starting to do useless post again....Anyway, im going to end my practical very very soon... 3 more days to go and i haven finish taking photos yet !!! Wish me good luck and have the time and chance to take pics !!!
Will also update about my X'mas soon...