Friday, May 6, 2011

An Exhausting Week .

This week is such a frustrating week and it really pissed me off for several times !
Seriously, its my first week of school and i get all this stress already, and its not even for assignments or wad-so-ever.

nothing happened coz i din go to school.

NO CLASS ! Unfortunately me and my fren don knw about the new timetable and we went based on the old timetable. Embarrass ourself by going into the wrong class, and walked from our school to 101.

went to school about noon and found out that we missed one morning class. Unfortunately we don know anything ...again!
Skipped class on the 1st day of school .

Class dismissed 5 hours earlier and i spent the whole afternoon doing nothing at home.

Din manage to go for the dance club meeting ! Haih, hope there's still chance next time...

I can actually breathe now because tomorrow is saturday !
yeah !!
no more headaches!

Skip topic !

Watched red riding last week because i was so bored being left at home while my parents went for competition. It's Sunday and i was like " home alone"...So i went to sleep overnight at my friends house and went for movies with her.
By looking from the poster, people will actually think that its a horror movie, but actually its not, its more to something like suspense.

The main character "Valerie" was played by  Amanda Seyfried .
She is in love with the woodcutter Peter , who was a hot guy.

But her parents wanted her to marry Henry, another hot guy..

Envy her
The ending was so unexpected that you have to watch it to understand what im saying..
For me , this movie was 4/5..

I want to watch Fast 5 too !!!!!!!!!!!!

But nobody can go with me...Who can go please tell me !