Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Okay, time for some updates of FOODS !! I've been in kitchen for a month and i've seen alotsa kinds of different foods in  Hotel style .. hiak hiak ><

This is a croissant sandwich. look yummy huh ? Perfect for those who is on diet because even the chicken used is chicken breast meat.But still it taste nice <3

I did TONS of these !!! And this one is my fav!! the prettiest <3

This is a dish which i totally forgot about the name lol.. Taken during i was in chinese kitchen. Can somebody please go to the hotel and eat this and tell me how was it? It looks cool though ...

Next !
Buffet time !! When i was in pastry outlet, i need to show myself in the show kitchen whenever there's a buffet .

That was me making waffle for the buffet. I was shy towards the camera.. And thanks to my colleague to take this pic for my report .. teehee ^^....But seriously i hate that hat !! Although i was lucky enough to be able to wear that tall hat , but i really think that i look weird... Im not tall though, so it is strange if i wear such a tall hat... Plus, it keeps hitting things ..hmm..

Here are some pastries <3<3<3

One of my FAV... Cheese tart mini sized !!

The deco for the buffet .

Thai Rojak ><

Soup Station .

Pasta Station.

I found out i forgot to take photos at the sushi station !!! SIGH!!

Last day in kitchen.. Working alone that day ... hmm. Taken in the locker..

Jump topic!!
Housekeeping is here !!
Seriously i hate housekeepingggggggg!! But still i need to do it for 6 weeks... Another sigh~~

Luckily i was working in the laundry for 3 days !! If you are wondering what's so good about laundry.. hmm . let me tell you, laundry is much better than making bed ! Although laundry is hot like an oven  but actually all i do is folding and ironing... No beds !! muahaha... BUT, the bad news is.. 3 days in laundry is over.... ='(

I was spending my time in the uniform room, helping the kakak there to organize the uniforms and give the uniforms to the staff...i like it there, the main thing is THERE IS AIR-CON !!!  Oh yeah !

I started to wander around while i have nothing to do.. and guess what,

So happy because i miss my kitchen days !!

See!! My name !! muahahaha.... wrong spelling BTW


Started my shopping recently.. Bought a lot from Padini because there's big sale going on... And i went in i was like OMG OMG 50%!! OMG 70% !! Then take take take, try try try , at last buy buy buy...pity my wallet T.T
Update on those clothes next time !


Thursday, November 24, 2011

I think i'm being a successful bee... A busy bee *buzz*
I'm currently having my practical at Grand Magherita Hotel  which is used to be known as Holiday Inn.

Everything started from September and yea i had a little culture shock.That's when i started to be busy, and started to leave my blog behind.. -.-
Started at Food & Beverage department.Basically all i need to do there is serving.Not much pics are taken during that period because everything is still new and i don't really dare to do anything silly yet i'm working in a hotel,  A Real Hotel where i meet new people and REAL BOSSES.. omg..the real world ...

Oh, i did took a shot during my days at banquet.. my last outlet at F&B.. .. miss those F&B days.... =(
 Taken in the hall after doing the settings..

After 6 weeks in F&B, i went to kitchen... I was afraid at first, but it end up fun !! I like it <3
So many things happen here, and that's the time we started to play around ^^

 With my classmate. Alomost 90% of the hotel staff thought that both of us are sisters( even twins ==) We felt speechless everytime people says that, even in the kitchen , lobby, lockers, restaurants, lifts...every places we went, we are to be said as sisters, at the end we're to lazy to explain so we just ans " yes we are sisters" * then laugh and walk away*

Kitchen Briefing ..Us trainees are called back to chinese kitchen to prepare for all the events at 11.11.2011... It was alotsa fun cause it is hard to have everyone working together in the same place !!  hehe .. spot me !

Eating at the staff canteen ... With another classmate which was in housekeeping that time ..

A staff at the coffee house.. know him during F&B times...

I love this so much !! Its a broccoli in a love shape, which was accidentally cut into this. 

Well. i finished kitchen too.... sad max !
I'm now in the housekeeping department which is hell to me... Everyday i need to face alotsa heavy beds!! Feel like crying now... hmm.. I'm trying the best to hold on right now ..Wish me good luck !!


Update more.. chao!