Monday, June 28, 2010

Movie Day ♥

Today afternoon, went out for a movie with Angela , Tsae Chian and  Yuan Joo...
We watched "The Karate Kid " which is a nice movie that should be watched earlier instead of now ..being behind from the others~
Well, at least the movie ticket is used ~ haha
But the sad thing is the battery of my phone ran out , so i can't take any photos to update my blog...

BTW, the problem for tis week is extremely HUGE ! LARGE ! EXPLOSIVE !
This week , i 'll be totally busy busy busy ~ phew ~
First ~ Monday ....I have movie outing with my frenz that is just mentioned just now ~
Tuesday...Sukan Training
Wednesday...Own Activities + tuition ~
Thursday...Activities at Right Steps
Friday ...Hari Koperasi

AND , The biggest problem that i'm going to face with is the thing at Right Steps..
I have no idea what's it about and i'm not really looking forward to it ...
3 words to describe-- Shocked , Worried , Afraid
It's not like i'm not happy to take part ...
but it is like usual...I'm totally afraid to exposed myself in front of everybody ...
I don't think i have the confidence and courage to show in front the people ...T-T
But first of all, i hope i can knw better about the THING on thursday and hopefully i could get some help from others ...................=(

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Outing After School ♥

On Tuesday...
Me + Bear + Angela + Tsae Chian went out after school...
We changed our clothes and had our lunch at Kenyalang Park .
After meeting with Angela ,
we walk to the bus stop to wait for the bus ~
Yup ! we're going out by bus ! ><
At first , our plan is to watch a movie by using the free ticket given which is almost expired...

At the bus stop ..^^  >>; Me + Angela

But , we wait...wait ....and WAIT ~
The bus finally arrived at 2+ pm ~~ = = ""
It make us missed the movie we wanted to watch at first  , which is The Karate Kid ...So we switch again to The A-Team...
I thought my bad luck turn good at last ...But i was totally WRONG ...
that stupid bus drive around here and there and REST at King Centre for about 30 MINUTES ++ !!!
But what to do ? We can only receive the fact that we can't go to the movies anymore ,
because we still have Sukan training on the evening...
During that 30 minutes of time ...we fooled around like monkeys ...haha...ignoring our image among the ppl ..^^

A lot leh ~~  I still have some that i dint upload ar ~

1,2,3,4 5  ..haha
Then, we changed our plans ...
We din't go for the movies , we went to everise for a while then we went to 175 degree cafe
We played at the fish spa and played with the little fishes...
Fish Spa ♥

>< Having Fun ~~ ♥

Then , Me+ Bear +Tsae Chian Went to take photo's while Someone IS Dating ~~ HAHA
Then , after all the fun time ~
We head back to school for training with Angela and her Bf driving us there...
And after all the fun , training juz irritates me when we dun even have the chance to touch the tools ...
But  anyway , I juz hope that movie outing will be soon ...LOL ~

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mini Outing ♥

Yesterday evening ....
No ~ actually is afternoon...
My Bro and his frenz went swimming together and stampark ~
And waverly ( their lil sis) came to my house to find some company ~ which is ....ME~
We played pc for a while and head to the park near my house in the evening ....

We played the swing ~

The slide

And also the see-saw ~

We ran here , ran thr ....and tried every single thing~
She like to play at the other exercising park , especially the game i teach her a long time ago ..
She ask me to ply wif her every time we went to the park,  but me ...being old tis lately ....can't really stand running non-stop'lly ~

So , I run wif her for only a while , then i started to sit down at the bench and take photos of the sky ~

After 1 and a half hour ~
we went home .....
Then , i find out that I HAVE TUITION on 7.00pm !!
But that time is already 6.45pm ~So , i end up not going to tuition !! wahahahaha~
For the whole week , i din went to any tuition ~ new record !! ^^

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cuteez !!! ♥

Well ~
did anyone ever thought of buying a camera ?
I wanted a camera for quite a while , because i really like to take photos..
Not really photos of me but photos of my surroundings...
I always think tat the best way to keep a memory is by taking photos because i dun believe in human brain ...haha
I dun think tat our brain can remember every single memorable incident or things that happens throughout our lives .....
Plus ~ looking at photos can be very entertaining when you take out photos about the past and see the changes or looking how fun are we at that time ....
I spoted for Canon Ixus a few months ago because it has some specialities that i think is quite different,  but lastly i found out that it's price out of my league ....T_T

OK , Straight to the point ! haha
I saw a few cute cameras on a website ---->
These cameras are mostly LOMO cameras which is one of the camera that i wanted before ...
But cameras here are different ....they're super duper cute !!

Special right ! ♥

The photos taken will be like tis ~ so cool ~~~~ i like i like !♥♥
zhu-wa-hei ( "like" in korean)

This is what i always wanted ALSO ~ haha (i knw i hv a lot tat i wanted , but tis is juz due to personal interest )

This lo ~ haha
Waterproved cameras ! Plus ~ it's cute little colour and pattern !!!

Anyone Interested like me can check it out at that link above ~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Help me !!

I'm into a problem tis lately .....
that is ~
I CAN'T SLEEP !!!!!!
I dunno why tis is happenning to me coz i'm usually a good sleeper....
Juz like yesterday ,
i crawl up and down , left and right on my bed for 2 HOURS !!
And i still can't fall asleep ~
Then , i felt very frustrated , my mind are a mess ....I felt a little angry and afraid coz i'm afraid to darky nights ....I dun like it when the sky is dark .......=(
SOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thinking ??? Wanna???

...........................................Still thinking yet ~
so ....
no point to reveal it now ...............
....hrm ~ should i ?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Holiday Life ~

This week is the second week of my holiday ...
Although i reli like holiday ~ i have to say tat my holiday Sucks ~
its fulfiled with Boring !!!
All i do is sleep, eat , tv , on9, sleep ~haizzzzz
Really missed my adventure life last week ~
Can go waterfall ~ Matang etc ~

I watched another korean drama which i think its quite interesting~
i usually watch it every sunday morning after church at KBS channel  when it is repeating 2 episode shown in tat week ~
It's called 富翁的诞生 , in english is "becoming a billionaire"


ps: can't find 女主角的....paiseh hehe

funny pics and scene of the drama

The Characters

The Story =
崔世峰(池贤宇饰演)一直深深相信说自己是富豪人家的第二代, 在 ''五星'' 酒店工作的他,
借机寻找他父亲。自学怎样才能成为富翁继承人,以备总有一天能见到富翁爸爸做准备。李申美(李宝英饰演)是个讨厌乱乱浪费金钱的富家二代, 就是 "五星" 集团的继承女。
I think the story is quite interesting and it's funny also ~ it's a little comedy thing...
It's worth to try ...especially during tis BORING holiday ~

Friday, June 4, 2010

Looking for a Suitable Template

I wanted to change my blog template for a long time already ...
but till now i haven found anything tat i'm satisfied with ~
argh ~
That's why i keep on changing in tis few days ~
any recommend or website tat can be given ?????????????

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Matang Trip With Family On Gawai ♥

Tis is already a late post ~ because it was a few days ago ~
Its juz tat i'm a little bit lazy to upload the photos ....i'm a pig tis lately ! ^^
Anyway , i went tis trip with my Family + Uncle Khoon Hee's Family + Uncle Jeremy's Family
Wake up early in the morning to prepare ourself ~
And waited  for my dad to come bac from work ~
Packed n Dressed ...

I'm READY !!♥     did anyone noticed the pringles in my hand ?? haha
i took it out as a treat on the way thr ~ but it end up eaten by " somebody " before we had our breakfast ~ haizzzzz

Packed Up ~ And we're Ready to go ~

Had our Breakfast at Sekama with U.Khoon Hee's Family ~ then we took off ...Finally~haha
We spent almost an hour to reach thr...

MATANG !!!♥♥♥
It's was crowded juz like thr is gold in the river ..swt~
Maybe it's bcoz of holiday ....
But's also bcoz of it's crowded, it is hard for us to find a spot ...
At Last ~ we found a suitable spot for us to spent our day anf place our stuff ~
the spot is whr i took the pic above...NOBODY THR ~ hii hii ♥

We put down our stuff like tat ~
and we 'dip' into the water !
Adults trying to start a fire for bbq ~
Den ......*forward* *forward*.....

It's Lunch Time !!!!♥♥
These are food prepared by each family ...Looks a little messy, but inside...all " ho liao " !!!
We ate ate ate ,
we even exchange food with the ppl next to us...
bcoz they help us by giving us somethg to start our fire,
then we gave then our bbq meat as a gift bac ...
then they giv us a bbq fish and a bamboo rice....
they are so kind ~ ^^
after lunch ~

the adults decided to hang out inside the water ....saw their beer ? hehe

The second photo...they're juz pushing themself on a floating tyre until the top of the stream and then flow down along the stream ~

The water stream was sooooooo~ clear ~ i found out tat it was so beautiful when i saw these photos

after a period of time in the water ...
we decided to pack and shower because it's already dawn....

Packed up and ready to get up for a shower ....

After shower ...we put all our stuff into our cars and ready to go home ~

But i also din forget to take some random photos ~
After taking these ...i found something on my car ...

Birdie POO !!!! Yucks !!

But that's all ~ Everyone Went home ~
I think everyone went home and did nothing but sleep(-。-)zzz ~  haha
except me ~ 呵呵~