Saturday, December 22, 2012

My movie list !

Like i always mention, I'm a fan of dramas.. Actually, I'm also a huge fan of movies !
I've watched movies in different genre , different language...
But there's also movies that I definitely won't watch, unless forced.. lol
I don't really like tragedy movies that makes you cry like hell in the end. I don watch horror movies either because it freaking creeps me out...

I always prefer action, comedy, romance or the story kind... But mostly, ACTION MOVIES .. hehe

I'm gonna list out the movies I've watched that are on my top list. The list are not arrange accordingly, randomly positioned in top 10 ...
Some might be old, but its still my all time fav.

The Davinci Code .(2006)

Its a film back from 2006, which is 6 years back.
I din watched it 6 years ago because i dunno where was i or what im actually doing but im definitely too young to understand what the movie is
It's a mystery based film as the plot , the character, the scene the story the ending etc are so great !
And i remember i've watched this for almost 3 hours but still not tired of the story and hoping it not to end ...
And so is the next film, Angels and Demons from the same author, Dan Brown, with the same character but different mission..
I'm actually seeking for the next series, also from the same author about the same character, The Lost Symbol... Due to some casting or directing problem i guess, the premier date which is suppose to be this year,  might be postponed.. T_T

Ip Man, (2008)

I've watched this N times because I keep saw this from TV.. But I like it because it was awesome ! The fighting scene, the victory of Chinese makes me proud ! Although I'm not related, but as a Chinese, i felt proud  ^___________^
Donnie Yen is such a great actor, and i love those action scene he had in his movies.. I've even watch all the new movies he had after ip man and it was so cool !

Inception (2010)

Finally something slightly new,
I've always thought that this movie was shown not long ago but actually it was 2 years ago, time really flies~

First, its Leonardo DiCaprio ,
Second, Director from The Dark Knight
Third, Cool plot,

So Why Not Watch 

I was curious about how did the author came up with this idea of having to steal through dreams ? The plot was amazing and i love the effects.. And also the way the lead role express his character with the trauma..
I just love it !

Transformers (2007)

I love the first and second, but the third for me was only "okay". I love how a nobody became a somebody and the bond between bumblebee and his owner, how I wish i can have this kind of fabulous cars that interacts with me everyday.. lol..

I actually like Megan Fox because she was hot it that movie, but unfortunately she was not longer included in the cast.

Tangled (2010)

It's been a long time since i've watched animation , im actually not a animation person.. But somehow , this animation captures my eye and i kinda love it !

Although it is based on Rapunzel but the story is not exactly the same. It is funny and bright, cute and sad, romantic and enjoyable =)  I like the point that they change the prince character to a thief, which was kinda fresh and interesting............and hilarious !
Best animation for me !

Oh oh ! Not to forget to mention the cute little chameleon friend of Rapunzel, cutest thing !

Step Up Series ! (2006-2012)

Step up is the greatest dance movie for me compared to the others in the same genre...They always have they greatest choreography, the best music, and yet the story is still good. Unlike some dance movie that i've watched that only focused on dancing then the story gets confusing.

 The first , Step Up.
Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are magic on the screen and the music is sensational. The best thing of the movie is they both got married in real life, how sweet is that !

2nd, Step Up 2- The Streets

The main actress, Briana Evigan is my favourite within all the main actress in this Step Up series. I just love her style, she can be sweet, cool, tough, pretty and sexy . !! I love the final dance they did on the streets too !

Step Up 3D , It was HOT !  Just... when you see the choreography, how can you not love the movie? Its just sick. Some of the scenes are brilliant,  when Moose and Camille are dancing through the city, and the 2nd battle water dancing scene. That scene steals the show.

Well, Moose, played by Adam G. Sevani, he is believable, can act and is the only one with any character development. He also has pretty good charisma that makes him interesting to watch, and is quite funny.

Step Up Revolution

The latest in this series. Just watched it not long ago and it was great as expected. Instead of battles, it focused on flash mob. The flash mob are not just ordinary ones, the moves are choreograph in ways that are so out of my minds. The last scene that they had their mob was my fav ! But speaking of the story line, it was okay...

The Fast and The Furious Series (2001-? )

I'm sure that many people like this as I am... It's all about cars, action , friendship that keeps your excitements up and down. Yet Vin Diesel was also one of my fav actors, as a fan no one can resist this !

The latest, Fast five
And of course who cannot wait to see two tough guys in Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson go one on one with each other in a fisticuffs, especially since their time with family friendly films have taken a backseat to put them both firmly back into the action genre. It sets up new rivalry, while keeping the old between Dominic and Brian with the latter always keen to prove who's the better driver.
Can't wait for Fast Six that is showing next year !!!

My Sassy Girl (2001)

I think most Asians recognize or watched this movie, it was one of the popular movie in Asia... 

Honestly, if you can't give this film a 10 out of 10, what other movie deserves one? This film is the perfect mix of comedy, drama, romance, some of the best storytelling I've ever seen, and even some surprise action scenes! And what's best, it's universal. I'm sure some would avoid this film simply because it's Korean - but that's where you'd make a mistake.

Jun Ji Hyun looks stunning even though her character is quite scary sometimes, while Cha Tae Hyun, the king of comedy.. Having him in a film is a guarantee of laughter, but when it comes to serious scenes, he's not lacking either... The best scene that made me cry was the scene where he told a guy the 10 rules to love her.. Damn heart breaking.. <3 div="div">

Those who love romance, this is a Must Watch !

Real Steel (2011)

I was attracted to this movie after watching the trailers.. 

I was like " Hmm, Hugh Jackman ... ON ! imma watching this ! "  LOL 

Since im a Xmen fan , its a normal thing to have Hugh Jackman as one my my fav actors..  I think its something new to have robots to fight instead of human, then i found out that its a film of Steven Spielberg ... Seriously a must watch ! 

I remember i was still having my practical during that that and somehow i still manage to watch it. =)

Dakota Goyo, The cute looking kid who acts as the son of Hugh Jackman was an outstanding actor even in his small age.. I was a little surprised actually after seeing his performance throughout the movie because his acting was so natural that you can't even think that he is only 11 or 12... I bet he is going to stunt when he grows older...

Last but not least !!

A little thing called love (2010)

Actually i have no interest in thai movie at first because i never exactly watched them (no offense >< )
Until one day i saw a picture from FB which picked up my interest towards this movie,

Here's the screen shot i saw..
The caption is "Have you ever fell in love with someone, that makes you laugh even with the silliest thing ? "

It eventually reminded me of my school days back then, when i do look like the girl in the photo, tan skin, specs, but i had a ponytail...LOL....And that's why i feel like watching this movie...
I went searching in youtube and watched it right that night, i remember i was rolling in my bed while having my memories refreshed in my mind throughout the movie, and also wet my pillow with tears...=')

It's so touching that i strongly recommend everyone especially girls to watch this, it really defines what you had during yours school days...and not to forget the main male actor was cute, and so is the actress..<3 p="p">
I've watched it twice,
If you feel like watching, watch this trailer then you'll understand..=)
Chinese Name:初恋那件小事

So i guess that's the end of my list ! Of coz there's alotsa great movies out there but these are my all time favourite !! Hope to have more movies to watch!! Update next time.. CHAO