Friday, June 8, 2012

Photoshoot Part 1

Manage to have some time in this saturday afternoon to blog this,
not gonna blog full but some, maybe I will post more photos next time because I have no idea what's got into my line making it so lag....

Me and my colleagues went for a photoshoot with dogs on 1st of July, its an outdoor shoot so thank god for the good weather ! Thank god it was not that hot all day, just a few hours of suffer during noon time, but it was long the photos went well, hehe..

It was actually divided into 3 parts, first part- Maxi Dress , second part - white tops and denim

First 2 parts are all taken at the park next to MBKS,
The location was okay especially the trees that provides us shades ! haha

Here are the pics !

Me and tabasco ,

# this pic is way too hilarious !

Tank and her mum,

Mao and her mum ,


Zai Zai ,

#So cute !


Tabasco & Vintage,

#happy dogs ! LOL

Grup picture !

End of part one, update next time !