Monday, May 31, 2010

Bad News ????

Before the bad news ...
i would like to say about tis ...
I went to see Show Luo last saturday at Spring..
I think mostly all the people especially teenagers are there !
It's so crowded until i can't barely see any parts of the floor from upper floor ~
So , after a period of time of hardwork ~
i found a place for me to watch the show ~
After watching Show Luo ... wad i can say is
" 帅 " !!!!!    hehe ^^

About tat thing ....
Is about my dance studio ....
The studio of Power Mover whr i usually used to learn dancing closing ~
So, we have to move ~
They're renting studio frm Right Steps..
so , starting frm July ...
our class will be at Right Steps ...
i dono tis is a good or a bad news ...
However , i already hv feeling wif the old studio ~~
有点舍不得。。haha ^^

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adventure - To find a Waterfall ~

On Wesak Day ..
Family n I went hiking for a waterfall ....
the hiking trail was so ~~~~~ hard !
Its was Hot , Narrow , Up n Down in any ways , Long  n full wif insects
tis is the road ~ scary rite ? i walked it even it gets harder n harder to walk ~
my energy are almost used up ~
our walk to the waterfall last almost 1.30 hour...
its like walking up and down a stair wothout stoping for an hour and a half !

tis is also a part of the road ~

we also walked 5 of tis brige...a few of then even made up of oni one bamboo...tis one hv 3

along the trail ...we juz follow tis little paper tat the kampung ppl if we din focuz on the paper's very easy to get lost

BUT, when we are Extremely tired and trying to gasp for some oxygen ...we heard a sound ...a water flowing sound....IT's THE WATERFALL !!!!!

everything , includes all the hard work are all worth it after we saw the waterfall ~
it was so~~~~~ beautiful !

they already had a dip inside when i reach thr ...= ="

the secong one was me ...we r inside the waterfall !! ><

as a souvenir after our visit~~
after the waterfall ....
we nid to accept and realise tat ...
haiz haiz haiz ~~
but the second time was better than the first time ...becoz less climbing ..

Ratings :
Trail To The WaterFall :  ○○○○○   (0/5)
The WaterFall : ♥♥♥♥♥(5/5)
Trail Back From The WateFall :  ♥○○○○(1/5)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Freedom !! (>o<)••••

Yeah !
fireworks are all around ~
people are all waving their flag ~
shouting ~~~~
But ,
it only exist in my imagination ~ hah

The exam is finally over ,
it means that i can go out n play ,
talk about things i wanted to discuss ,
fool around ,
watch drama's ,
N have a good and relaxing holiday !!
But , days in the exam prison ....
i took some picture oso when im outside ...juz take a look ...

tis is the coffee making tower i saw in Young Su's Ice-cream's very cool when u saw it with ur own eyes

tis is Merdeka Palace , i took it while waiting for my mum ...the guy thr is a taxi driver ,maybe he's a litlle tired after working in a hot hot morning ~

tis is taken outside someone's house

tis is juz taken when im fooling around

tis is 175 degree Cafe....which is the cafe tat hav the fish spa
And lastly ....
is this.
tis is our ticket to KL !! after SPM of coz ~

but anyway~
IM FREE!!!!!!!!!!! ##

Friday, May 21, 2010

Missing Being Me ~

I miss the life without exam ! Without school ! Without stress !
im forced to read , learn n do revision everyday ..
which is not my type of life tat i use to hav ....
AND....Im not used to it also ....
i can't get online during my exam ,
i did not update anything here ....
it looks like it is already fully-filled with spider webs and dust !
But its weekend ,
so i hv the chance to write something ....
After my last paper , which is held on wednesday ...
i will upload a LOT of photos tat i' ve taken in this few weeks...
All about the places i go ...the things i saw etc etc etc ~~ (>.<)|||

a few  good news came out during this few frustrated weeks...
which is ...
* Show Luo is coming to Kuching !!  woohoo !! and is on the 29th of May ~ wad a relief !
* Me n Frenz are going to KL on January 2011 !! We booked our ticket during zero fair tat occurs a few days ago ...haha ! Feels like DREAMING !!!!!

This few things really helps a lot in calming me ~~
^^ Y

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally Finish The Debate !!!

Haha !
we finish the debate already !
We WON !!!!!!!! VICTORY !!!! YEAH !!
but till now ,
i dun knw wad's the fun in debating ...
the only fun = victory ...haha

The semester test is coming ...
totally frustrated ~~~
wad i hope for nw is taying in a place without computer , tv or any other entertaining things around me ...til the day b4 the test then i come bac ..
so tat i can put all my attention in revision ....haha.....

plus plus ...i saw tis cute pic frm the internet cute n funny ..LOL ~

cute hor ~~ hehe ...look at the big big ears ~

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Matang Trip on Labour's Day !

Me n Frenz get along wif the trip to Matang Family Park wif  PBSM....
Dipping inside the cooling water was such a refreshing treat for a hot day ....
Thw weather now reli suffer us a lot ,
N humans r all responsible for it ~~  HAIZ !!

BTW , the trip thr was ok ...
And here comes the photo's ~
these photo's are taken after we came up frm the water ....

ali , acting 非主流 ...

me fooling around while waiting for the other's

ali fooling around wif me ...
And when cat went out frm the shower ...

haha den she started to fool around with us ...^^

Argh !! caught them in the shower... Together  !!!!  OMG !!

to-tis ...after shower

when we r having break
After we had break . had lunch n played games ....
we head bac to the water ! ><

my fat fat leg ...
After dipping ..showering ...skip skip skip ...
den we went up to the viewing tower


hugz hugz !

cat : " I knw wad ur thinking ..but im not koala bear koala cat "


the trip was memorable...
this year is the last year  of my secondary school life ...
so , im trying my beat to be in part of all the activities ,
n try to do wadever things tat i shud !
so ,
pls organize many many more activities har ~ haha