Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Drama- Dream High 2

Drama addicted again.
Watching Dream High 2 recently, i din really liked it at first but i get more and more curious to their love lines between their cast.
I love their main actress Kang Sora and Jiyeon

Liked her acting in the drama because she made me laugh and made me cry...

Jiyeon is pretty like most all the time ..=.=.. but her acting was not bad too.

There's also a rookie actor frm JYP that catches my eyes, i think he caught alotsa attention through this drama...
He is non other than JB !! <3

 He is sooo cute !!
Hope that he will be with hyesung(kang sora) in the drama... LOL.

I also found out one thing from him, which is... he-is-a-94..WTF ! Is it me that is gettin older or humans in this world are gettin younger? *hate my age sometimes! grrr*

The reason that i did this post is not only i wanted to share the drama that im addicted with BUT to also follow " a stalker" who also did a post about drama.. hehehe..
To that-someone-that-stalked-me :

I'm watching you !! HAHAHA!

Update soon.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Top 8 Kpop Female Idols

I am a fan of kpop like most of you out there. haha
And i did realize that kpop wave is gettin more and more popular not only in looks but also in fashions, musics, and dance styles.
I kinda sort out some female idols in kpop industry which have the looks that i really admire alot !

My chart is not ranked orderly, i just sort the 8 pretty gals inside.. its just my opinion.. no offense.. *peaceV*

First is T-ARA Jiyeon,
She has a very special figure that can attract people.
I loved her look in their mv Cry Cry.


missA Suzy,
Liked her since Dream High...
and she is a 94's young T.T

# She have long legs too..*admire*


The next one in my list is also in most people's list...
Which is the famous Yoona from the popular group SNSD..
She is really pretty><


From the same group, SNSD,
There is another girl that i liked really much...
Which is.. Yuri !
She look pretty in a matured way... i like her abs too !


Next , is f(x)'s victoria..
I know that she is not korean but she is in this kpop industry so i just put her in then..

# I know her through the show WGM, she was with nickhun which was so cute !


Next ,
After school's Nana..
She have a style that i really liked.


Another hot star which is one of my favourite !
Hyuna !!
Love her especially during she dance!
She is one of the powerful dancer in kpop.

She's hot !


Next ,
is 2ne1's Sandara Park!!!

She is the top beauties in kpop idol.. and i love her !!

That's all the girls in kpop idol groups that i like,
Share with me who do you like or who did i miss . Next time i will update more on kpop males or maybe even on more different topics ..

update soon !


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Gonna update about CNY + PullMan stay + Performance....
I know its abit too late to update about my CNY but since i have time already so i better just upload it .. hehehehe

# First day of CNY...Top and red polka high waist shorts from padini....Gonna wear red on the first day ...=)

# second day outfit...Large sized long sleeved top ....and my polka short from Padini....A lil in love with polka dots recently..

# A little reunion with the girls....taken with SiewWoon who is back from labuan during CNY<3

# Top from random outlet and jeans from MNG

I just realized tat I din really took alotsa photos during CNY , too bad...Maybe i was too taken away by the CNY celebration through out that few days..


Next ,
PullMan Stay!

I stayed there for 2 days 1 night for my project. Too bad we nid to pay ourself for the stay , but the stay was not bad and it kinda worth the money..

# Before going to the hotel..

We checked in at noon and me and my friend decided to go up first so that the management won't catch us for having so many people staying at the room. We went in the lift and pressed 7th floor, but it doesn't seems to move. We thought that the lift is out of service or wadever... then we went in and out in and out from the lift like N times till we finally realize that we need to put in our room card to the slot to make the lift move...=.=""....#theawkwardmoment

Some photos of our room..

 # Our bed !  I love the colour of the wall and the wooden floor cause most hotel only have carpets that i think might be very dirty sometimes... at least this is more clean..

# Super big space compared to other hotels..

# The bathroom was huge too ! Can walk around no prob!

# <3

After putting our stuff down, we went too the poolside area for a walk .

 # trying to make a ^^V from my feet.

 #under the sun ><

#Group Members ! Relaxing .. hahaha

# Time to swim !! Wearing the bath robe but end up like a kimono..= =...height error..

We had dinner at Hornbill.. Then hang out at another group's room at riverside.. then went back to our room to hang out...

# i was

# night view from our window

The next morning ,
We din sleep that night and everybody was like all low bat lying half dead on the matress.. And still we decided to go for breakfast at 7am..Everyone's face were like o.O** .....LOL

# wearing my cardigan coz i was freezing cold !

# Day view

 # before checkout.

Took enough pics for our project i guess , gonna be busy soon ... hahaha.

My dance performance post..
It all happened very sudden.. I received a sms from my dance instructor on Tuesday night asking me whether i can help to perform a showcase on Friday, and i said yes since its like a chance for me and i really appreciate it alot. I was nervous yet excited! Went for rehearsal starting from wed night... its been so long since i went to the studio.. >< And the performance was held at PullMan hotel, so i went to PullMan again..LOL
The performance was for a company dinner, I'm performing under flashmob part.. that's why we need to wear their company shirt to perform..

Went for rehearsal right after my mid term exam , hahaha, and i skipped class again ><

#Gettin ready in the washroom.

Went straight home after that, maybe i was too exhausted due to the stress i had throughout the week.. thank god i had dance to relief me this few days <3

#After Performance !!!

That's all for now.. haha..
Hope to update more soon .