Saturday, January 26, 2013

Emo updates

I just got back from my trip to KL a few days ago, the trip was fun, and quick..We fooled around until we realized we're going back while we haven shop enough yet, so we came back with a lil regrets.. haha

So damn stress this lately like seriously.
Don't know how to say about this but I might be emo recently.. Might ?
It's hard when you had a problem inside while there's nowhere to be spilled, sighhh much...So i'm spilling something here just to relief part of it that i'm having right nao~

All i need now is a SMILE, sincere ones... =')


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Goodbyes & Hello

Happy New Year !! *again*
Its been 12 days since new year, and im blogging this now... haha.. who cares...

I'm just blogging, so bored today I dun even know where to go, what to do.. just BORED...
Actually wanted to share photo's about what i did on 2012, but too bad i've lost all my photos since i reformat my pc... so i have nothing much to share..


1) Of course what happens first was College, my second year of college...
Went through a short sem and a long sem, which makes my life busy ... I'm not a student with excellent attendance because i was lazy to attend those boring subjects so i skipped... I remember i went for the kuching food festival for dinner right 2 hrs before my final exam without revision, then i did my last minute oil pumping on the way to campus, then took the exam... So i end up no A's but B's that sem... yea, its kinda regret, but who to blame except myself ? haha forget it ..

Taken on the first day before class... I miss the days when i have short fringe.. Can anyone help me decide whether to cut or not ?

2) One Night Stay at PULLMAN HOTEL

I went with my classmates for assignment purpose, i remember that many things happened that night, but i guess we had pleasure... BTW, nice hotel !

3) On March,
Went to KL for a shopping trip with my frens... AGAIN... and i'm going  again next abit tired of kl already... Lost the photos though..

I wonder what should i shop for this year? Have to squeeze luggage again ! Wish me luck -.-

4 ) Had a blessful Birthday
Thanks for everything to those who remembered and celebrated my birthday with me... Sincerely thank you all for the effort..!

Thanks to those who took me to the buffet dinner at four points... I was soooo blessed to be able to go 3 times for the buffet last year, thank god !

As for my colleagues who celebrated my belated bday at K-11 hills, thanks for the surprise and everything! Although i already knew everything they planned..LOL.... I accidentally saw someone holding the cake and gave it to the counter during my way back from the washroom, and accidentally saw someone who picked the bday song and accidentally saw someone who went out and took the cake... haha! I saw everything....

But still i'm very touched for what you guys did.. THANKS !

5) Started my Practical Round 2 !
Nothing much to share about this because I'm pretty sure I've posted some about this...Just some new pics shall do... hehehe

Always my selca mirror ~

My hairstyle when i release my hair bun... hahaha.. Do i look okay in curls ?

6) Went for a prom !
Anyone went to the Joint Prom 2012 ?
I went because of a free ticket I've received from my colleague, so i went with her....It's been so long since i've actually joined a prom, I think since i left high school ? probably.....

But i went home early before it ends... with a lucky draw prize, an angry bird..== "

7) Photo shooting !!
I've blogged about this also, so nothing much to elaborate... It was fun to have this photo shoot with dogs!

8) Dance Performance !
I've joined 2 flash mob last year, and i probably blogged about it too...
First mob was for a Chartis Event, at pullman

2nd mob was at Spring.. i was quite big because it consist of the dancers from several studios..
I was so thankful for having the chance to take part...!

9) Went for more pets events and still, I'm with dogs..
Although it wasn't that much but, i had a great time..

Its fun to have dogs with me in my life, especially my dog... Every time i get stressed from work, exhausting and tired, I'll be relieved with him welcoming me and follow me around once i opened the door when i reached home...

10) New Years Eve..
I still can't believe i've played till 5am in the morning during new year... But here's a photo of our blur face... ^^

I've went out since 7pm something to attend my colleague's bday dinner at his house, had a great time till 11pm then rushed to my fren's house for round 2, no party for this year, i duno why, people seems to be calm these days... so we had a private celebration of our own.. ^^


Actually i have no idea what to do, and i said this every year... Even sometimes when i plan something, it might not turn out that way, so , i'll just leave it natural this time..

I'm gonna graduate my diploma (like finally !) this year, propably the second half on the year. But i wonder what should i do or where should i go after that? It's really complicated though, without a direction i dun even know what to do with my life..
All i know is , now, FML for choosing this road...

Imma gotta find a way to gain more money !
I'm going to buy myself a new phone! this year ! hmph ! absolute decision ! imma work hard for it ~
Just wait for me ~~ muahahahaha

But most importantly for every year,
I wish myself for improvement,
and together with my family, friends and everybody i know, peoples that i appreciate, those who helped me, and those i should mentioned but i forgot,  Wishing you all to be HEALTHY, HAPPY and SAFE.. ALL TIME ALWAYS ! <3 p="p">


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Despite for being so free tonight, i think i shall update something about recently in my blog.

One good news to share, by the way...
I've ended my 4 months practical once again ! Woohoo, I had such a great time in ending it.. haha...... But i have to admit that there are times that i really appreciate from what i've gained, realized and experience through this... And to all the good people's there, I'll miss you much ! =3

Bad news is,
I've started school again, started on the 2nd of January and i'm already there for a week. This sem is quite challenging with all this complicated-somehow-i-duno-how subjects... Looks like i really need to work hard though..

I was so busy last week until i eventually forgotten to blog about what i did, or what i shall do in a new year.. or i guess i'll just blog in another post.. I was hanging around with my frens and colleagues last week and almost got myself in trouble with all the nagging.. But i admit i was abit way out off line..hehe..
Really did alotsa things throughout that week...

I've gone through so many up's and down's recently till i duno how to act up my life brightly, i thought, how weak, how dull, how much pain i'm going through, i shall at least act bright, it's the basic manners to those around me.
For those who i've hurt, I'm sorry, sincerely...

I hate it when i wanted to trust someone, they let me down...Congratz to that someone who lost my trust... guess you're happy with what you are right now..

Hope i can live my life better, with wishes came true...=)