Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Back !! For A While ..**

Hey !!
Its been a while since i blogged !
Im such a failure ....Anyway, many things happened recently...

I had my driving lesson, test yet i've passed and had my license already ... muahaha!
Been working on my internship at the hotel for almost 2 months now... Currently at the kitchen .
Long time din hang out with the girls.... And not forget the crew at the pet shop....
And i miss Dancing too !!!!! <3

Oh ,
FYI, to all dancers in Sarawak, Sabah & Labuan
There's gonna be a Street Dance Competition going on organized by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and more..

For Those in Kuching who are interested can take the participation form @ spring during weekends...Closing date will be 31st Oct 2011.
For more info , CLICK HERE .

Gotta work now.. tata!