Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Its been a WHILE

 Recent photo updates :Went for a little massage at onejaya wf jasmine..i was sick that day and my back is killing me, that's why we went...^____^ relaxing times are just nice !

Seriously, with my sincere heart...
I never thought that i'll blog at this kind of time.....
It's pretty late and im suppose to be in my bed , and wake up early for work tomorrow....

My busy life hasn't stopped yet, im still working and studying at the same time....Clashes of time is giving me headache almost every week. There's always alotsa replacement class going on that literally clash my working time, and i fell sorry to leave early or take leave from work or wadsoever , since i can't miss class ( although i missed quite a lot already)...

Assignments keep on coming non-stop, and due dates are always so damn freakin near...Plus, i had my interview for my practical not long ago , and guess what , there's gonna be ANOTHER interview this cumin
Great, now my schedules has just gone wild !

I'll blog a lil about fifi's short stay at kuching. Actually she's frm kuching but she went to KL to work..And she came back here for a fews days for fun, she came back during my birthday ...haha, happie much .^______^

 We went for bowling ...lols ... izit strange?

I think i look funny in this butterfly suit and also the bowling ....I look short too...sad max...

The kid was fi's sister... such a cutie!

Forget my big face and the one with blue shirt behind us......Fi's eyes are damn big...Mine on the other hand is just speechless

Our new angle in taking photos ! wakaka

Cheryl so preetty !!!

Then i spent the nite staying at fi's house and had breakfast with her...Memories are always sweet !

As u can see, the dates in the photos are a few months ago....
wish to blog more ...some other times..
tata <3