Sunday, September 26, 2010

Abuse !!!!!

Yesterday night me and my fam went for dinner at a seafood restaurant nearby BDC, we are having a great time there eating food and stuff....
Then , we suddenly heard a little girl crying loudly behind ...and i went to look wad happen ....And i saw a father was there abusing her daughther ...heavily !!

This is wad happen ..(no photos ..paiseh )(bad drawing ..paiseh again ! )

There was a girl crying and sitting on the staircase.....The father was there scolding her daughther  with the mum ....the father keep slapping the little girls head while scolding her and asking her to stop crying ...And i thought it was a stupid move because which kid will stop crying if you keep slapping her ??? wtf ~

Next , the father was getting more angry with his daughter which was still crying loudly ...The he grab his daughter's hair and pulled her up as shown by JUST GRABBING HER HAIR !!!!
I can imagine how painful it is ...
(ps: the mum haven stop scolding yet )

After the father grab the girl up to the air , he throws her onto a chair beside him ...YUP !! Throwing !!!!
And the parents still yelling and scolding ~ wtf ~ after that the parents when back the drink beer with their friends and left their daughter sitting there crying in pain ! What kind of parent is this ! They should go to JAIL and eat curry rice !! The girl should grow up and work hard to achieve sucess and be rich , after being rich then throw away her abusing parents !!!!!

I was so angry and a little bit scared actually , and i even wanted to call the cops , but i was told not to kepo ~~~ Me being underage oso cnt do anything ......
Haiz ! Malaysian's are like that , afraid having problems then dun wanna help ~ After being an adult , i wanna be a responsible citizen and help the society !! *eyes shining*

NO MORE ABUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Recently ♥

For those who had been here before u must've realise that i changed my background again , i dun knw if it's obvious but it is lace ♥
I wanted to find something floral but not sastified with the searched pictures , so i choosed this ....But somehow i still luv it ♥♥

I'm having mock exam this week and also next week , i'm feeling better now and i hoped that i'm fully recovered, bcoz i never ever want to be like that anymore , it really keeps me frustrated all the times ....
About exam ..I dun thing i'm gonna score well this time , maybe even will fail !! Pls dun ask about how i am going to do when SPM coz i oso dun knw ....= =""

I needed money so badly recently coz i wanna go shopping !!! I Spotted SOOO many stuff that i wanted , but no luck having them now ...too bad ~

2moro is going to be the last dancing class of mine ....And till after SPM ....
SPM hurry go away liao ! I miss dancing already even though i haven stopped it yet ...But i know i will miss it so so so so much !!!!!!!

Well , i guess that 's all ......tata ♥


Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm sick !!!!!

Since last Tuesday after a whole day revising at library , i went sick ......
Headache at first and now doctor said that i'm probably having gastric and even food poisoned ....And i really felt bad BAD BAD !! Yesterday's dinner i have to go home earlier bcoz of my stupid sickness , making all of my family need to go home earlier with me , felt super guilty with this !

I can't sleep well neither every night , my back and my stomach are killing me , so now i'm extremely lack of sleep ...  And somehow i'm having a little phobia about me cannot sleep ...haiz . desperate and pity me

My mock is next week and i don even know when will i get better , hope i'll get well before that ...

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Need SunShine ~♥

*  this is a super meaningless post >< *

As shown , i'm with my snoopy cup , and when i'm with my snoopy cup , it means i'm stuck with study .....
My pra-SPM is coming soon !!
Extremely happy ..NOT !!! I's like forcing two same poles of a magnet to attract each other ...And that two poles are Me and Books ....................................................
Yup , we're forcing each other to get stuck with each other ...My books know i hate him , He dislike me too ...But we're forced to have a relationship till SPM is over !

I know books like genius , bookworm , dorky glasses , nerd and stuff related as their other half ....
And me , haha
i wan sunshine , i wan beach , i wan malls , i wan movies , i wan shopping , i wan online , i wan hang out , i wan holiday trips .....

So , we better go for wad we both wan after middle of December ~ woohoo ~~~~♥

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BAGS Anyone ??

I'm starting to sell bags at Facebook now !!
Okay , the main purpose is of course making money larh ...Because since im having SPM soon , i cannot go to work outside better start at home ><

But the whole business thing is still the beginning , so of course no order received ~  lol
Hope you guys can lend a hand and support ~ ♥

Here are some of the goods ~

So , please do visit when you're free ... click  HERE ♥  to go straight to that page ~...Thank you ~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello Again ~ Amanda ~♥

Updating my outing with amanda yesterday afternoon at Spring .
I was way too tired so im not feeling like typing ( although i wrote one post yesterday ) ....Recently , i'm lack of sleep coz some sort of insect from sematan bit me and causing me to have alotsa bums and itches >< , and its making me suffer all the time , even when i'm sleeping ....So , apparently i can't sleep ~

Okay , back to the point ....
Yesterday , we met amanda who was a friend i met while working at pizza junction last year , she went to KL for studies and came back to Kuching for 3 weeks holiday ....So , we took the chance to hang out together ...
Long time no see she really change quite a lot , i can't even find where she is when i was suppose to meet her at MPH ....Look here and there still din saw any sign of her *sob* , at the end she called me ....then the whole name calling and the 'whole long time no see' kinda thing happens la ..

We watch Phua Chu Kang The Movie .....
It was the second movie i watched in these few days .....

The movie was okay , quite funny ~haha

Well , of coz took it in somewhere where ppl inside the room of cinema came out after the movie, i dunno wad is it called anyway ...but who cares , as long i took photos ~♥

My C2pid face !!! big big like ..erm ....i oso dunno ~><"

Maybe i will update this post again , cause i wan to add in somemore photos if i manage to have the photos frm amanda's phone ....Let's see first ~~~ 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Woohoo ~ Happy Merdeka ~ To All Malaysians ~  ♥
I went to sematan for a day trip on yesterday bcoz it's holiday !!

See~ even the resort there have flags hanging around ~ ~

Me and my agong in the car ~

I don wan to write or say more about this trip , i'll just explain most of the pics below ~ tired now ~><
I'll just let the pictures tell the story ~

 Saw the couple there ?? Sweet huh ~ ♥

Adults busying preparing food ~

then i went for a walk to the beach ~ 

 Photo's when 1st round to the beach ^^

After that , children went swimming at the pool ~ i cant  join because of that stupid girly issue ~ = =
But i sneak to the pool to take some photos of them while they're having a great time ~

Not clear ....hehe ~
 At the same time , adults are hanging at a little pondok beside the beach ~
we had our lunch there ...

taken by my mom ....she's taking photos with my phone while i'm clearing the sand on my feet...

Second round to the beach .......
Almost all the adults went for a nap cause they drank too much and some of then ate too much ~ *sob*
So , me being bored ...decided to go for a walk again ....

My hair seems oily ...><

Cannot play water ><"  So i dipped my feet at the shallow area only ~

These two guys ...dun wan let me take photos , so i took when they din noticed ....Did u noticed my sneaky shadow at the 1st photo ??? haha

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