Friday, April 20, 2012


Like I mentioned last time, i was so obsessed with this SYTYCD and I'm following season 8, I was glad that Melanie got champion and Marko got 2nd runner up...I just love them !

This is one of my fav !!!

I'm glad that they performed it again on the finale together with all the greatest routines ever performed...
And not forget my FAVOURITE !!

I never seems to get enough of this routine, i can just repeat and repeat it again and again ...<3

This is also another great routine performed by the 1st runner up--Sasha.

I just love them !

Ok, back to myself.... Hang out today with the girls and had some chilax time.. Had movie and I get to borrow some movies that i wanted to watch for quite some time... Somehow I like to stay at home and have some movie time,  I've just finished all the X-men series recently, and I like it ! Gotta find some more movies though.....

Wearing all black today, haha.. black hair, black top, black shorts, black bag, and a pair of black wedges... LOL They just end up this way and I has no idea what am I thinking...

My holiday life is almost over now, and I hate it when i realize school days are freakin near right now... OMG I just hate it...That's when my schedules go wild again and I'm seriously is going to have a headache pretty soon...

That all for now. Hope to update asap.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pet Show Expo

I've mentioned about this in one of my post, it was held in Tun Jugah Mall..
Honestly, for me , it will be much more fun if the events are more improved, and it will be more better if there's more stalls and space. Rate the event 5/10

I've been busy throughout the expo especially during crowded period, I wanted to take photos around  especially with the dogs around, so many cute pets around and my heart melt n times in one day .. LOL...But i'm working so i can't just fool around, sad max..... I dun even have the chance to take much photos, so i've stolen some from Tun Jugah's FB.....=P

Anyway, I was working at the event, so I went for two days.. It was crowded at first, but it started to cool down after 4pm, and that's when we let our dogs to have some fun around.. And they just love it ! haha

# Our Stall

# Rosie the Chihuahua

# Sam, standard poodle..

# Pom Pom

 #Dogs at our stall..We kinda attracted alotsa cameras from the crowd..The pomeranian was so pretty !! Too bad not mine T.T

# Look at this cute fellow ! She's a poodle, but i thought she was a bichon frise... lol...Cute max !

 # Prizes to be won from the competitions

# Tobasco in his costume !

We were invited to join the Pet Fashion Show last minute, we borrowed the costume from other stalls then head to stage... kelam kabut much ..-.- But he does look cute in his costume right ?

# Me and Tobasco before our turn on stage...

Too bad we din won anything because the rest are just too pretty with their costume...^________^

 #  Twinkle- 1st runner up

# Champion in belly dance costume <3

More random pics !

# Cutest Photo Competition !

# Mika

# Wawa.. Security on duty !!

# Satu Malaysia !!!!

Photo credits to Tun Jugah 

After the event, had a steamboat feast with my fellow colleagues to pull out an end for this event...But for me, it's still fun ... =3

end of update... tata


Friday, April 6, 2012


I am always a huge huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance like forever !
I know that the showing time in Malaysia is abit late then the original broadcast, The abit late is almost one year late perhaps...
But its okay for me cause since i have the chance to watch the latest ones late instead of showing me season 1 or 2 which are like so long ago....

Talking about Season 7, my favourite dancer was Lauren and Kent.
Like them since they're partners and all moves all routines seems real and full with passion.

They make a cute couple but too bad they're just friends. At the finale Lauren won and Kent got the runner up. They deserved it.

This is the performance they performed on season 8, a very sweet piece of choreograph

Latest season that I'm watching recently is Season 8, and I have to say my fav is Melanie and Marko.
Still the same thing, love them since they were a team, I wonder why my fav is always from the same team, is it me or is it they are really really outstanding? I felt kinda sad when they need to go separately for individuals performance after that, But they still performed well and I really love their performance every single time !

My fav piece- I Got You
I shared this at FB too cause I liked it so much !

Gonna know the results next week...Although I can know about the result through internet but I still prefer to watch it on my own.. haha

I wonder when can I dance like this, full with passion and emotional, great techniques and skills, great stage great cheorographers..It's like a dream.. far far away...I wish one day, I can find my stage, fulfil my dream...

Dance is my Passion !
Ohyeah !

hehee..bye now.