Sunday, February 1, 2015

Being Home

Its already a new year, and its February like WOW.. Typical Time Speed.

I am now relaxing myself at home, my Kuching Home =)
Nothing smells better than the fresh air here, I am so happy to be home so basically i sleep i eat i play HARDCORE, which end up now i... don really dare to step up on a weighing scale. sad but happy XD

Being home makes me felt comfortable, why?
Firstly, my family. Who has always been my priority throughout my life. Its soooo goood to be with them again.

Secondly, i get to meet up some old time friends that somehow i haven't seen in months.

Thirdly, I get to have a space to my own. Not only a room for myself but also some freedom for me to have a space to do what. Sometimes i just sit and talk to myself. hahahahahhaha

One more week at home, then back to KL again =(

But will be back home in 6 days after =P