Friday, November 26, 2010


Just something i've drawn when revising for my SPM ..
Having a 3 days break for now and going to fight Maths on Monday...
I was so tired eventhough i only finish like 3 days or can i say 3 subjects ...
Frustrated max !

Well , I bought Sungkyunkwan Scandal yesterday because i'm so additicted to it and i need to finish it asap ! Or else i would not have the mood to revise anything...seriously i CAN'T !

BTW, my sejarah sucks and i didn't get good reults on my paper 1...
And i don even have hopes on my paper 2 to help coz i don really know what am i doing at that moment.
i already prepared to fail it anyway, so
no hard feelings ~~

Lastly, Good Luck to all SPM-ers .♥

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Bags Are Here ! ! ♥

Bags arrived just a few hours ago .
And i am sooooooo happy about it , coz some are MINE !! muahahaha

The Package ! I'm so excited to opened it so i actually tear the box to pieces...alotsa little little pieces

  Some of the bags. Some are for the customers and some are for our own. I will post my bag i ordered next time.

 The leather wallets ordered by customers. 

Everything from Bla Love
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dramas ♥

These are the korean dramas that i'm going to watch right after my SPM .

主角:有天(JYJ),Park Min Young

Actually i'm already watching it now by following Astro, and i'm so addicted with it ♥

主角:张根锡 , 文根英

主角:玄彬, 河智苑

And last but not least ....


Its been some time since it got out but i have no time to watch it yet ...T.T
These are the korean dramas that i wan to watch....
How about taiwan dramas ???

Friday, November 12, 2010

The most expensive birthday present ever ♥

The most expensive birthday present ever !!!

Description :
It is a little glass bottle that contains 8 different people's personal secrets .

This is one of the present given to TSY one her b'day which contain one of our secret each. And she is the only one who will know those secrets ...
I'm actually curious about other people's secrets ...Hmm~~

a short post that's all . XD

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Little Trip to the State Library ♥

It was quite long ago and since its been a long time that i did not blog anything with photos , i might as well blog some about this ..

Me , Cat and Ali went to the state library last week . Our main purpose was to study but we end up fooling around doing nothing . Well , it's not really our fault because me and cat went there when we are still little and it is the first time for ali to visit there , so we honestly believe that there might be reference book that we can find there . And me who was having such stupid thoughts brought NOTHING but a pencil box while the rest at least brought 1 or 2 useful books .

We reach there about 12pm+ , but the library will be closed till 1pm . So , we took the time to walk around and take some photos . Another big group of people which was suppose to be form 3 students having a visiting there after SPM, they were having lunch at the cafeteria when we are taking our photos. And the camera man from that bunch of people took a picture of us coz he thought that we are the same bunch of students with them ( ps :we r wearing uniforms )....Wonder how do others think when they saw our face inside the photo after it is printed out.


Fail and fail and fail , not evn one can pass the jumping scene = ="

 "Help !!! "

Some of the views ...

 i like the one above very much ♥ Love the clouds ~

After reaching 1pm , we went to study , me without books took some books from the library that might be interesting for me like graphics, drawing , design and stuff .. But it is actually quite exhausting walking around the library because it was huge !
After that .....

study ....

15 minutes later ....

Still can study ...........

Another 15 minutes later .......

Force ourself to study ..................

Another 15 minutes later .........................


we are sooo useless .....
We went to the cafeteria for some snacks , and we saw a few ducks hanging out on the pond . But the duck actually make me a little piss off because i was calling it to come nearer and trying to bluff it to come by holding a leaf or maybe a grass, but they just ignore me . Then after we bought a package of bread  a.k.a  roti paun , they came so fast with "quake quake quake ...." wtf !

 the DUCKS !

 The bread cat bought to feed the fish and the ducks ....

Try to spot the fish..................
haha forget it , it is harder than i thought....

After that ,
it is very boring to stay and spend more time there so we went home ....And i dun think that we studied something else but feediing ducks
so i guess that all ~ tata


Monday, November 8, 2010


SPM is damn near and yet i'm still not ready for it .
But , i really hope that SPM  will come earlier , because there is just so many things waiting for me to do after i finished SPM ...

Something like crazy shopping , drama craves , hang out , my KL trip with friends and more ~

And i'm even thinking to go for '' Amazing Race Asia "  ....LOL
I love all the adventure and everything about it <3
Seriously ~~~~~~~~~i really want to participate , maybe after i reach 18 ... Then i go register , this year din get it , i'll try next year , next year din get it i'll try next next year , i will try until i get old !! wakaka ><
Although i don think that i can get the chance , but it's worth trying  * big-wide-smile *

But ... who's going with me ?? FML