Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm Back from KL !
Went for a shopping trip for a few days... Fun but abit exhausting.. but still its a great memory <3
I kinda appreciate the time to relax to chill to live without extra thoughts. I've always wanna let go alotsa stress that I used to have... So conclusion is, I had a great time.

I think i gained weight , and I'm kinda thinking of losing some weight.. Exercise perhaps? I wanna dance but i'm not sure whether my condition allows. I had a back injury and before i get it cured i think i shall not do anything furious yet .. But i really do miss dancing !

More news for pet lovers again !!

There's going to be a pet show expo on 14th and 15th April at Tun Jugah Mall Kuching. The Competition are

1. Pets Fashion Show
2. Pets Talent Show
# Cutest Photo Competition (Owner & Pet)

And these are the Programs and Activities...

Program & Activities:

14th April 2012 - 10am to 8pm
Exhibition of Cats Only

i. Grooming Talk - 1pm
ii. Abuse Talk - 2pm
iii. Pet Care Talk - 3pm
iv. Free Pet Body Check - 11am to 7pm
v. Adoption Campaign by SSPCA -11am to 4pm

15th April 2012 - 10am to 8pm
Exhibition of Dogs Only

i. Free Pet Body Check - 11am to 7pm
ii. Pet Fashion Show - 1pm
iii. Pet Talent Show - 2pm
iii. Abuse Talk - 3pm
iv. Cutest Photo - 4pm
v. Adoption Campaign by SSPCA -11am to 4pm
vi. Prize Giving - 5pm

Anyone interested can click HERE for more info .


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Blog Cover Perhaps ?

I was thinking this lately that should I put a cover picture for my blog ? Cause its quite empty since there's only words which is my blog title.=.="
I'm thinking that whether should I put a random pic ? Or a pic of me, myself and I  LOL #foreveralone
I'm also thinking of drawing myself a cover photo.. Din really thought of what to draw yet but just suddenly came up with this idea, and i also dunwan to put my face up there so big so exposed..haha

 Gonna share this song from 2am which I repeat listening almost everyday.. supa luv !

Update soon, hope that next time i have my cover already..=)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today is my stalker's birthday!
Happy Birthday !!!
Wrote this on top of my post so that she can see it .. LOL

Okay, continue with some updates..
I'm still busy working except that i finished my short semester for now. So i'm actually having a holiday^^
Going to KL this friday and I haven't prepared anything yet..Guess i'm just too lazy..

#Happy working =)

 #My schedule for this short semester, as you can see i only have blank on tuesday and thursday and i'm working for tuesday and thursday... So my schedule is full every single week =(

 # A little toy poodle from shop.. he's very small, and i'm glad that he had found a good owner to start his good life ..

# when he is on my lap <3 !

Kinda miss him though...

For those with pets,
Especially dogs, Pets Passion is now having a Full Grooming Promotion which only cost RM39.90 !!!!! It's almost half the usual price which is originally RM60-RM80.

For those in Kuching City and is interested with this promotion,
Please call the number provided below or  Click HERE for more info.

That's all my updates for now..
Blog more next time . =P


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hey guys

Hello again... trying to blog ass often as i could recently..
Had my  first final paper today, and it din end up good.. pray hard to get at least a PASS * fingers crossed * i dun wanna retake again =(

I promise myself to relax abit before studying for tomorrow's paper.. So i came to blog and also continue the latest 2 ep of dream high II.......

JB and Hyesung seems to be together now.. =)
But i have a feeling that maybe its just for now...
But still, i like them <3

# Love the proposal JB did.. sweet <3

Adorable couple.. <3

Haih.. i guess i should go back to study..


Saturday, March 3, 2012





我就是名副其实的   坏人   。