Thursday, January 2, 2014


10. I lost one of my love

Well, its my pet dog, who accompanied me and my family for 11 years, he was there since my primary school days, till the end of my college days, he was always there. Some say 11 years is short, for me it is, because we needed him. His name is SABRE.

He's a pekingnese, male, and we got him when i was around 9 years old. He suffers from skin problem since he was small, due to the irresponsible seller aka breeder, we found out that the puppies they sold are mostly suffering from the same problem.

His fur starts to shed, his skin gotten worst, and he had to get injection more than any other dogs, as well as medicine and supplements. i was young, this is all i had in my memory of wad he had when he was also in the young age.This continues several time in years, then after a while, he became better. Although he still have the skin allergy, but it doesn't get any worsen than last time. 

He has been the sweetest and the obedient dog i have ever met. He don't really bark and annoys people. He don't simply poo and pee around and only does it on newspapers. He likes to sit by you even nect to your toe, he'll be sastified. He will go out to the outer house area and hang out, then come into the house by himself, as long you keep the door open, if not he'll just wait outside the door. He hates to bath, but he likes the feeling after bath. He LOVES cloths , like any cloths, he will just lay and turn around on the cloth and sit or sleeps there. And he will definitely be there, when i reach home late sometime after work and all, he will be there waving his tail to welcome you.

Its been so many years he had been with us, going through all that happens with us, we love him as a part of the family. We had a great time.and years and years passed, he got old. and in this year, he got sick.. really sick.

He suffers from organ failures because of his age, after a several time of visit to the vet, trying all we can to help him, he left us on the night of 1st September. He was home, lying on the place he used to sleep and stay. 

It was rough goin through because i felt guilty for everything i've never done, for not caring him well, for not spending enough time with him, feel like there's something i didn't did for him. Brought him to the vet that specific morning, brought him home and i left for work, and to fulfill my promise i went to damai for a dinner, but he left us when i was still in damai, thats why it hits me so hard because i feel like i wasn't even there for him which i should. Till i received an sms from my family, and realise he was gone. Then i went home, gone through all the hard time, cried till i was dried, talking beside him, asking him to rest in  peace.

It was our pleasure to have you as a part of our family, sorry for everything that I did or what  i didn't do. 

You know we loved you, we knew you loved us too.
SABRE <3 div="">


13 14


2013 kinda ended to fast i can't really get used to the new year yet. LOL
I always feel like i just had the CNY celabration not long ago, as well as my bday and everything..but its been a year ... Damn, time really do fly ...

I can't say i achieved alot in the 'past' year, but i definitely have lotsa up and downs too.


1. Had yet another KL trip with the girls. every year shopping time =)

i kinda miss my long hair tat time, its not like my hair is short now, but its much shorter than last time :'(

2. Had a splendid CNY !
My chinese new year of 2013 was just amazing, creating all these amazing memories !

3. My birthday is blessed !
I had quite a blast so thanks everybody for the celebration and cakes !!

4. Did 2 events with the coursemates !!
We did to events together in the same year and it turn up quite well.
We did a charity walk event which was held at Reservoir Park.

And another its a Dinner event at Riverside Majestic 

Although it was stressful, but we're happy for the success of both events.

5. I finally finished the whole internship !!!

As usual, internship sucks ! But I'm glad that all of us had gone through this together.

and so, 

6. I finished my Diploma !!
Like finally !
And somehow i kinda miss all the times we had at in and outside campus ! It's been 3 years ~~


Great Times :)

7. More great time with the colleagues !
Yes, im still with dogs, and yet i had a great time !

8. With the girls, always had been my best entertainment !!
Nothing more to elaborate the girls, thay had been the best in brightening my days, as they're the num one spot entertainment of mine ! hahaha
Just wish that some could just get married fast fast ! LOL

I just LOVE them !!

9. My Dream Came True ~~ BANGKOK !!! 
Bangkok has been one of my dream place and im so lucky that i actually went !
I faced so many problems for going on this trip but gratefully we went there successfully and safely.

I will update more on this soon.

There's the top 9 happenings of 2013. As for the last one will be on the next post.