Friday, July 13, 2012


Duno what I'm going to blog about, but definitely not an emo post like I mentioned in the last post. I've gone through the emo stage and back to my normal self, reality can be such a joy killer sometimes.

Less than a month time, imma finish this semester and get some holiday, and the bad news is... Practical Is Near.. Its horrible and terrifying whenever I thought of it...Sighss.. ... Practical means more work, more hard time, less freedom, less social life, less dogs, less fun ><
Sometimes i just wished that i could change the place for my practical... =P

Speaking of holidays, the first thing I shall do is... LOSE WEIGHT!
I basically have no idea about my weight now. Although I've loss 2kg within 2weeks last month,  but I still seems to look chubbier than before, i think i just gain alotsa fats ...

Then, imma EARN MORE MONEY !
I've been working hard, trying to earn as more as i could during the past few months, been working part time here and there, making myself packed with school and work. Now, I'm actually more relaxed because I kinda stopped my part time job at the hotel and focus at the pet shop. But i'm still looking for a way to earn more money... discovering =3

Lastly, DANCING !
now that my back injury is better, i hope that i could dance ! Just miss it sooo much !
It's gonna happen soon once im free after this few weeks ... =)))

Oh yeah, Finals too.. kinda forgot  lol... Hope to get straight A's instead of lacking one or 2 like last few times =_=""

End of update !


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photoshoot Part 2 and 3 !

Long time no blog !
I have no idea what am I busy with recently but I seriously don have much free time , even less time online now.. sob

Finally I can blog about this part two thing cause I actually forgot about it due to the bee life I have, or maybe Im juz being old that's all? My memory is so poor nowadays, unlike last time i used to remember most things or memorize notes easily, now it ain't that simple, I need to spend alotsa time and effort before exams to memorize all the notes and stuff.. another sob..

back to the point.....

Part 2 was also taken at MBKS but its at the other side instead where we were during part one was taken.. But part 2 wasn't that much because it was noon and we were kinda hot and exhausted, so we finished earlier and took rest before part 3..

Part 2 theme, white top with jeans..

# "I'm tired i tell you .......! "

#everyone resting, dogs are all exhausted.. except that tabasco so enjoy

Part3 was taken at damai central,
everyone changed to casual wear, excluding


imma b-boy !

Tabasco : " This is life ! "

# group pic and the end !

update next time.. probably an emo post coming soon .. ahaha!