Monday, March 29, 2010

A Visit to Sarawak Club !

The night of the party ....
i din take alot of pics coz i dun hv d chance to take it ~
These r the pics i took ~

tis is whr the party is held ... in the restaurant ~

hehe... we ate quite a lot ~ >_<

our birthday girl looking good on her 1st b'day party !

outside the restaurant ~

me at the toilet ~ haha (*(oo)*)

tun n sean at the party ~  

tat nite's party was not bad... i enjoyed alot ...
especially the cake ..
the cake was so~~~ good ! miss it a lot ! \(^_^)/

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Tasha !!!!

Im going to sarawak club 2nite ! woohoo !
Its Tasha's 1 year old b'day party ! She's oledy 1 yrs old !!
Look hw time passes by ~~~~ psu~

tis is tasha ! cute huh ~
took tis photo using d 3g camera ...but its blur ....i use tis so tat she would put her attention on her face on d screen ~ ><

BTW, im going to take some photos when im thr 2nite ...
im totally excited coz i never been thr b4 ( im not chun gu ! )
hope tat it won't disappoint me ~ ##

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"下一站,幸福 "

i'm totally addicted to tis drama !!!
argh !!!
然后早上8点她就叫我起来看戏了....( 因为只剩两集, 下午不在 , 没办法看...)
可是, 我还是看不完~~
热力推荐哦 !!!!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Micco !

Tuesday afternoon, i went to my aunt's house...
ply wif little Micco, my " 表侄子"
He's a very active little kid ,
by looking u won't knw tat he's only 1 yrs old plus~

tis is is taken on saturday , his baby face look ~

hehe, he tried to smile after our request...^^
tis is taken when im at my aunt's house ,  my cousin turn his short hair to a dragon ball style after his beloved bath ~

he's trying to put yeah in front of the camera ~

taken backwards

he is laughing at somebody ....

he is a very clever kid haha n he copies every word that u say ...even bad words !! woohoo~
but i heard tat he wil move to kl soon ...
i 'm sure tat i will miss him .. !! ##