Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Cny is over ... and i missed it soooo much.... I had so much fun during the past two weeks. Had lotsa dinner, games, trips and gatherings.. Aww, life with no stress is the best !! ><

Gone through quite alotsa things recently, well, no more emoness for sure ! I'm going to smile hard and live happily.. Peace!

Just look at those dark circles.. sighs
I have no idea what to do with it already and i don't even know whether its gettin more n more serious or what.. Anyway, who have the solutions to solve it please save me !!!

I'm having my finals these 3 days while 2mr will be the last day.. Im having Accounts paper 2mr.. well, i hate it but since its the last day already, so wish me luck ! hahahaha

I'm gonna be free for 2 months time... Don't no what to do yet since i have no plans at all... Anyone free to accompany me ???? lol