Monday, April 25, 2011

Background Changeover ?

I wanna change my background again ...
but i have no idea what should i change to ....

Suggest ??


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chance For A Lifetime.

I day without work is great !!!
But a day without dancing is awful...I felt like this afternoon will never end...
It's soooooo LONG~

So , i surfed a few website to do some online shopping...
I was thinking of doing some shopping for my college life which is now sa freakin near...
I  think i need some shoes, some tops, bottoms, dresses, some accessories, some cosmetics..etc etc etc........
My shopping list won't come to an end...And for the first time i found out that online shopping is so stressful.
Why ?
Because i saw。。。

 TONS of clothing !!!!

 LOTS of bags...!!

And damn hell expensive shoes !!

Plus buying myself a smart phone, a camera and my beloved macbook....
I'll be dried as a dry pickle...
Although i get paid from work , i still can't buy all this stuff....

But thanks to ChurpChurp, i can get paid by just sharing good stuff to everybody instead of working my ass off...

I bet most of you saw this before...Wanna know what is it ?
Take a look at the pic below.

At ChurpChurp , all you need to do is to share and spread messages and get paid !!
Easy enough ?

Try It Yourself. Register and start your journey !
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I know the last post was a bit emotional but it's true actually.
It's kinda odd to blog in mandarin , but i wan to express wad i wan to say in my usual way in life coz i seldom speak english in my daily life....except with customers...-.-

In this few days ,
i realize that speaking with frenz are quite relaxing ,
we hanged yesterday and we talked a lot.
All the stress that had gathered on me before then was almost vasnished...well almost.. at least i feel lighter now..
There's always alotsa things to share , alotsa topics to talked about , alotsa story to be envy with, but i'm glad to hear good news 。

And i was asked that " wad's ur story then...? "
I din gave any actual answer...It's really hard for me to spill out everything that i had because i'm a bit confused , i feel like i have a lot to say, but i cant find the point to start with. Or can i say..maybe it's a boring story..>___<

For the one who said that she's a follower of mine and is waiting for my next update..yea, that is it..lolz
hope u dun get my point anyway..


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Human With Attitude !!!

Does everybody knows 1**yen ???
They sell alot of Japanese stuff which catches my heart alot !!
I like their stuff...BUT
Definitely not their STAFF !

Kuching have a branch of 1**yen.
They sells various cute thing that i like , and i like to spend time there since my dance studio is just behind it..

Let's go straight to the point!
One day i went after dance class to get myself some socks..
When i reach the counter.......

Staff A : Hey miss, do you want to try our promo items? They're less RM2 than usual....

Me: Ergh, no nid thank you..

Staff B : Miss, dun be like this la, dun wan meh ??

Me: Ya, dun wan..

Staff C :Haiya miss, u try our drinks the next time u will get so addicted until u only drink this instead of others.

Me: Ergh, maybe next time...

Staff A : Really dun wan meh ?

Me: Maybe next time..

Then one of the staff walked to the counter which a unpleasant face...
I was looking for some change because i dun have small notes at that moment..
Then the staff started to ask me with a sour voice...

Staff A : Miss u din bring money izit ??

Me: I'm just looking for change..

Staff A : OIC.

After a 10 seconds....

Staff A : Miss u din bring money right ?!

I was so pissed off and that moment i took a RM50 note from my bag to the cashier.
Then she kept quite for a few seconds...and said

Staff A : Miss, do you have any change ??

I din wanted to talked to her so i just shake my head and wait for my change...
That wtf person really gave me a bad mood for the rest of the day !!
S**T U!!

Anyone who visited there?