Saturday, July 31, 2010

出水芙蓉 ♥

Watch this movie today this afternoon ,
it was ok but it slightly disappointed me ....Before watching it i thought i was a very funny comedy with interesting and romantic story , it was quite romantic but the funny part wasn't as good as i expected ...and the ending was like ~~ ergh ! U will know how i feel after watching it ... The ending really makes fire out of  human mind ..haha

Based on this movie , i think that maybe sometimes love does not mean love
what am i saying anyway ..haha
K, lets put it this way .....Sometimes when u think u're loving someone , do u ever think that u don't actually love him but u just wan to own him or her ......?

Like when someone just poof out from somewhere to take away your other half  or even someone who likes u , u may get angry , but it isn't jealous , it maybe just some sort of anger because of somebody is taking your things .........This is what we called human selfish-ness ~
But not every relationship are like that , i'm just giving a fact  based on the movie ...

Watch this movie when you're free , and see whether u have this kind of feelings before ..

Friday, July 30, 2010

Random * boring post *

This post shows the random photos that i've taken randomly for the past few months ...
 this is taken when i'm lying on the sofa ...with hp effects ~

Taken outside the school while waiting in a car, it was raining that time ...
LOL , hp camera effect again , Outside the main road near swimburne ^^

Forgot where is this already ~

Know what is this ? It's just a box of colorful glitters 

Lastly , my fav one ♥ taken at 175 cafe 

Boring huh ? MeeToo !!!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hmm ??

I changed my template AGAIN ! It's already n times for this year ~
Well , obviously i'm trying on a colour that i never tried before ... it's Pale Green ~
LOL ~~~~ I always choose pink templates as a template for my blog , but i wish for something new , something special ... SO , i tried THIS ~
Hmm , green ....i'm not fammiliar with green yet

My mum is coming back from Kuala Lumpur tonight ~ i felt sorry to ask her to buy stuff for me ...T.T
At first i was only joking , i din't really mean it , but , she actually went shopping for me ...She even dun have time for Ikea but have time for buying things for me .... i really really don know how to say in words ...
It's like asking someone who do not like to shop to shop for me and even skipped the place that is planned at the first place ....Confusing ?? but this is what i feel ...=(

Haiz..chg topic...I saw some pics from the net about Pulau Redang --A place that i've always wanted to go very very very much !♥
It makes me wanna go there more !!!
 Wish That Someday i Can Have A Trip There With My Families ~ haha

Sunday, July 25, 2010

SuperB Tired , SuperB Day ♥

Today was juzt way~~~~~ too tired ....= = ( sleepy eyes )
Woke up quite early today because it was too noisy outside ..-_-""""
So , i dress up and get prepared for breakfast ... Then , me and my family , as usual had our breakfast with uncle K.H' s family ..We had Chicken rice ...i was damn hungry at that time ..LOL

 This was taken when waiting for the food to come ...i ♥ chix rice with soy sauce ~
But don follow ,because  IT's Not Polite To Play With Your Fud ~

After that, went for hip hop class ...Today's condition was not very well because i can't control my shoes..
The shoes i'm wearing now is very very very Slippery ...But except for that i have no more suitable shoes to wear .. no choice ..haixxxx ! And it makes me Tired and Exhausted ...phew ..wad a day ~
I was asked by one of my fren to join a performance at Spring at 8th of Aug , but i have to say no because i can't manage to go for the pratice, and the practice venue was like in 7th miles or wad ~~~ So , obviously no further expansion already at this point ...Feeling that SPM is ruining my LIFE !! Errg

Then went home with fifi by "foot " ...YUP ! FOOT !! We walked all the way home it's actually not far away .....^^
 When i reached home..... tired already still can take photo, din even put down my bottle ...what was i thinking ?

We tried on our dress and started to discuss how  we're going to wear to the dinner next Sunday ...After making decision , fifi got hungry ...But i have to cook for her because she's afraid of  Saber (my Dog ♥)

This is Saber ♥

Then after a while she left my home ,  i received a phonecall from my mum which is at KL now , she said she's going to buy shoes for me !! ♥ She say if she sees shoes that suits my dinner dress with a reasonable price , she will buy , if not she will buy shoes for my dancing ...^^ And this makes my day bright and colourfull again ~ XOXO ..Mwahxx !♥

Saturday, July 24, 2010


My fren told me yesterday when we met about this giveaway ...i browsed and entered it too ^^♥

It's from elle hearts blog 

These are the prizes ....


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This lately ♥

Latest news !!
I bought the dress !! LOL ♥ ^^       Like i say , i saw a dress at Crown Square and i'm crazy about it till i cannot accept other dress anymore ~ hehe ....then on Sunday ~ i ask my mum to bring me back to Crown Square just to buy that dress ~ ~~ ♥
But the funny thing was the price the owner's mum gave me is RM49 is after a discount of 50%....But actually that dress was only having a discount of 40%...So it was RM58 ....BUT , that day was my lucky day ~  we told the owner that last time we came we were offered by a price of RM49 , then the 'pretty' owner agree to sell me for RM49 again ^^ she say her mother always give more discount to students ...wakaka ~ ♥ I'm not showing it here 1st coz i dun wan it to be exposed 1st ~ shhhh~ haha

Plus ~ another news coming up is i'm going to the dinner and i receive the ticket already ~ Receive it this morning at school ~ 
Here's the ticket ~ i purposely make it blur so that the details will not be clear ~ internet nowadays are like "..." already

Our table number ~

Saw my name ? dunno who wrote it ...= =

if u notice from above , u will saw this three lines at the edges...But they're not lines..they are my lucky draw number~ 111 ♥

I'm so excited about it ...><

Yesterday , me and my family had dinner at Lok Thian Restaurant ...It was a dinner with Aunty Bibiana and family ...So sad they're going back to KL today ~ After dinner , we went to Hills Shopping Mall  for a place to sit down and talk ~ We decided to go to Old Town ...But we changed to Bing Coffee ...That place was..damn expensive !

A combined photos with the food and drinks we ate~ but it was not at it's best condition ~ cause some ppl started to dig in already ~ = =

Adults ~ Chatting .............
Hmm , I think they're leaving now already ~ boohoo~ TT

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sukan ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

( Before reading ...i must say there's a lot of rojak language below~)
This year's sports day was held on Thursday and Friday ( 15 and 16 July )...Our class represents rumah merah ~ Rumah Merah is such a hyperactive house !! Which makes me ♥ it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt great that i participate in one of the acara and also join in the cheering and supporting part ! ♥♥♥♥♥
Okay ..let's start with the 1st day of sukan ~~~~

I reached there about 6.30 in the morning ....
The view inside the stadium ..but it's too dark to see the field and tracks

The opening ceremony starts which the marching from all uniform bodies and from all the rumah sukan ~
This was PBSM's  marching ... i was one of the pbsm members before ..but no quite active in it ..><

This is the uniform bodies

And this is from each rumah sukan ~ Our house's marching was fulled with creativity !! luv it ♥
Everyone is watching ^^

After the marching and speeching part ~ The competition begins ! First was the 100m ...
Then followed by 1500m ..My two frenz was involve in the 1500m ^^
This is fiona before running...she was running for 1500m ...She was nervous ~ My other fren --siew woon was running too
During their race , we went down from the auditorium to the finish line to give them some support ~
Fiona + Siew Woon

We cheered and support our rumah also larh ~ hah ~ in other acara...
We left the studio for a meal at a vegetarian restaurant behind Hock Lee Centre ...(i missed the 200m  T.T )
The food at that restaurant was cheap and not bad to eat ~
Rice + 4-5 different dishes only cost for Rm 3++
Look at their plates ..hehe..they ate quite a lot ^^

After eating ..we shopped at Hock Lee for a few hours i think ...What i remembered is we walked a lot ~
And , ate a lot of bananas in the car ( banana prevents cramping ) ^^ But i din eat any of the bananas coz i disliked it ...i'm a anti-banana person ~
Then , we head back to the stadium ...Next to participate was totis ...she participate in 400m
We actually took a video , but i don think she will allow me to post it here..
Anyways...She got the third and was involved in the final during the second day ..
Next ali ...running for 800m
But , one of our rumah merah member who was involve in the 800m also was missing ...SO , as a took her place and participate with ali
400m perempuan A ...nice colours ~ ♥
After running...

Dun wan to elaborate on tis ...haha

Well , me ...who was not running for any running acara...Juz stand at a side and gave cheer and support for my house

Day 2 ~~
I reached about 7am cause the first race was about 8+ in the morning ...
Again ...Me and other rumah merah members starts our cheering for the participant....Our red flag was waving ~~~ to giv support ~
First is to-tis who participate in the 400m finals
Ali participate in the 4x100m ...It was a last minute decision so she was only told during 8+ while the race is about 10+..........Sorry for not taking pictures coz i was buzying cheering that day ~
I also have my acara but i dun wan to elaborate on it ..hehe
Then , time for break ....we ate ate jolly kicthen  at Hock Lee and we went down to the game centre ...

Those who reconize tis bag will know who's it owner ...
....After the break ......We went back to the stadium because i have acara at 2pm ...After that..i continue to cheer with the crowd ...Well, It started raining ....But it din break our spirit ! We still continue to cheer under the rain ...^^
Last race for the day is 4x400m......Again...Ali was involve ^^
Our house won 1st on this on lelaki A and perempuan B... I remembered this cause we lead a lot from others ..hehe
After the competition among all houses...It's time for a open match for anybody who wants to participate ...
this race involves teachers, students, and even ex townians ^^ it was a fun match ~ ♥
Then , its time for annoucing the result ...which involves a lot , like marching ,best boy,best girl and even the house which gets the most points...
all the houses were so high at that point ...all of them are waving their flag..And so Did ours ..

Rumah Merah ~♥
Our house won a lot !!!! ♥ we won best girl .. beat marching and even won among all houses ...We won 1st for the house of getting the most points !!! 1st !! All our rumah merah members screamed cheered together...we even sang along the song which was playing ..the song was the world cup song --waka waka and waving flag i think ...>< Y

Receiving the cup from our principle ...these photos were so blur coz i zoomed it ..i was quite far away ~
Taking the cup to our place ~
Victory !!!!!!!!!♥
Rumah Merah is the best !

We won almost everything ...almost ....But we are the champion among all houses !!!
(the red bag is the prize for 1st runner up for marching ..mamee nia ..but winning it is the most impotant part)
Then, Sukan is over ...T-T

Look at the empty field ...55~
Well , anyway....this year's sukan was the beat sukanrumah merah's teamwork , suppoting spirit and the joy of winning together !!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ But , Sadly ....this year's sukan will be the last sukan for me ...i won't have another chance to join anymore ...T-T(felt like crying) .....i regret that i din really join in  for the past few years
If there is someone who asked me that will i regret for not joining this year's sukan ...i will definitely say " YES, and i'm glad i joined the joy with RUMAH MERAH !!!"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wow ♥

Remember the dress from the last post ?? The blue one actually ....

I saw it at crown square !! I went there yesterday to look for a dress for the dinner , then i went to a shop which is on sale ~ ( i dono what is the name of the shop >< ) Then after browsing and " scanning " ....LoL
..I saw that precious Dress !!!! Then i got excited and told my mum about that ~  And the seller came to sweet talk .....

Then , i tried on it ....It fits but it doesn't look good on me i din like it after trying ~ THEN ~~~~ I take out the price tag and have a look on it ~ It's price was RM 138 !!!!!! (dizzy.....) ......I remember i saw it online with a price of only Rm 34 ~~ What a diffirence !!

But i oso saw a dress that i liked  it vvvvvvvvvvvvvv much !!! Which is only Rm 49 after discount ~ I ♥ it ...But at this point still thinking about it ~~~