Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Contrast

Issue of the day:  Wealth

The contrast between rich and poor.

I know its feels like I'm writing an assignment but I'm not. It's just an issue that bothers me for so long that i can't find a bin to throw at.

Sometimes its jus so frustrating to realise you are living in a realistic world who looks through every value on you. 

When you're slightly rich, you will always have backup in your pocket. You will get your favourite food in order to satisfy yourself from the busy life of gaining money. You won't care about the price difference and will choose the one which brings u more convenient. You will buy all the stuff you need you want in order for happiness.

As conclusion, people judge you as a shopaholic. People judge you as someone who spent blindly with every cent you have. People judge you that you will never understand the poor.

They will never know, how much sweat you have used in order to get the money. They will never know the effort you tried to give your family a better life. They will never know once you are in the industry, the happiness you get is when you get something for yourself and your family, and money is needed for that.

They never look through the back scenes...

When u are poor, you save every cent u have in your pocket. You eat the less you can as long u can fill ur stomach to prevent gastric. You walk as much as you cn in order to save the few ringgit. You walk further to another supermarket to buy an item for just a few ringgit in different. You prevent to buy the stuff you're obsessed with because you know you won't die without it. 

As conclusion, people judge you as stingy. People judge you as someone who doesn't appreciate life and a person who never gives out anything to the people around you. 

They will never know,  how eager you want to save money for your family. How much you wanna help your parents to reduce their burden. How much you had offered to the people with things that is more to effort than money..... no one will ever see through the back story..

life is full of freakin dilemma ... fml

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