Saturday, July 26, 2014

Actually I wanted to write in in chinese however im using my phone to post this so, English is somehow better. I really hate the samsung chinese keyboard.

I wonder whyyyyy human can't get rid of greed?

I understand its a nature but it just irritates me.

Sometimes, when u saw something u like,
You would want to see more.
When finally u had a chance to see more, u want to know more, when you know more, you want to own more.

Same when it applies on a person.
When you saw someone you like, you would want to see more of him or her. Then you would want to know more.  When you knew more, you wished you owned him or her. But when u finally owned it.. you may end up wanting something else.

Expectations kills much more together with disappointments.  I duno it is right or wrong to live up with these expectations but of course when it pays back it will make you be on top of the world.
The other way round then *ouch*

Humans... sigh

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