Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I don't know how to start this but i might say, I'm HAPPY =)

I'm going back home pretty soon and all i need to do now is to wait for that happy day to come as i already finished my finals teeheee. After coming to KL, i realized that there are so many difference with my life back then in Kuching. I mean literally, i get to wake up in my bed with air-con having my own bath room a few steps away and able to go downstairs read newspapers and discover what to eat for breakfast, LIFE.

Now, in KL, basically everyday without class i get to sleep till noon, which is skipping breakfast or probably lunch, have to queue for toilet for shower and yet no newspaper for the day cause nobody seems to care about the news though. Laptop will always be our best friend and tv is the another. I don't know what to call this life.

Today, i watched the Fault In Our Stars that i've missed due to my hectic schedule, like finallaaayyy.

Its been some time since my last romance movie, and i kinda like it. It might not be the happily ever after kind but it show no lesser love.


at least it quotes something that pictures life. reality kinda life..


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