Saturday, September 25, 2010

Recently ♥

For those who had been here before u must've realise that i changed my background again , i dun knw if it's obvious but it is lace ♥
I wanted to find something floral but not sastified with the searched pictures , so i choosed this ....But somehow i still luv it ♥♥

I'm having mock exam this week and also next week , i'm feeling better now and i hoped that i'm fully recovered, bcoz i never ever want to be like that anymore , it really keeps me frustrated all the times ....
About exam ..I dun thing i'm gonna score well this time , maybe even will fail !! Pls dun ask about how i am going to do when SPM coz i oso dun knw ....= =""

I needed money so badly recently coz i wanna go shopping !!! I Spotted SOOO many stuff that i wanted , but no luck having them now ...too bad ~

2moro is going to be the last dancing class of mine ....And till after SPM ....
SPM hurry go away liao ! I miss dancing already even though i haven stopped it yet ...But i know i will miss it so so so so much !!!!!!!

Well , i guess that 's all ......tata ♥


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