Thursday, January 12, 2012

NYE !!

I know its abit late to update about my NYE.. Accept me as a fail blogger !!!

This new year's eve is one of the busiest day in my life ! As i mentioned at the last few post, i was having practical in housekeeping department that day. I was so happy that day because it was my last day there and i wont have to go and make bed on the next day and onwards ! BUT.... the bad news is, i need to clean 38 rooms that day ! SIGH !!!

Pics taken on the LAST DAY !! <3

# Oh yeah !

After that,
 i went to do part time for banquet. I was already very exhausted from housekeeping but still i try my best to work, since its my last day =')
BUT unfortunately , the floor was very slippery that day and many people slipped and fell down.
Me as one of the victim , cut my hand T_T because i was holding a jud and the jug broke when i fell... then my hand was lying on the broken glass, and yet was cut... Thank god its not serious ! =)

After that,
Here comes the fun part ! WOOHOO!
I went to BCCK for a countdown party ! The deco ,the atmosphere , the performers was great !

The Xmas deco <3

Luv it and we had a great nite <3
And here are the photos !


 With the college gangs

 With my girls <3

 Yeshhh... as usual... in the washrooms again !

I was abit too happy that nite.. maybe alcohol helps?
I can't stop smiling ><

There's actually more pics but failed to upload it and i dunno why -.-

After that ,
we went to one of my frens house for sleepover !
But after the countdown it was already late and everyone are tired and blur already ... so instead of staying awake like we used to , we went to bed instead .. LOL
too bad i was so blur that i forgot to take photos =(

I had a enjoyable nite and i totally miss it !
Next stop , CNY !!!!


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