Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Has Arrived !

                             # taken at new years eve during countdown.^^

Its a new year now, and its the famous 2012 !!
Don't really know what will happen this year because it is like the 2nd day right now ..But i've received alotsa rumours about the tragedy that will happen in this 2012...And my greatest fear will be the few days darkness without electricity that will happen this year... Dunno whether its true onot but i can't believe wad will happen to me surviving in DarkNess !!one of my greatest fear....T.T

Anyway , 2011 has been one of my BUSIEST year i've ever had !!!!

1. Been to KL for the first time with my girls.    actual post here


I have always wanted to go for a vacation with my besties a long time ago but it always end up failing anyway...And the 1st success was at January 2011..I went right after finishing my part time job at YoungSu Ice Cream....I was still wearing glasses that time... haha

2. I've started to wear contact lenses.

Its actually one of my big move of changing myself...which was totally a must !! It is so much convenience without glasses !!!

3. Work at Pets Passions

A pet shop located in Premier 101.. It was one of my best job ever..Dogs , colleagues , everything there really given me alotsa memories.. But too bad i had to leave because of my practical !! >

4. Went to college.

College was a big step for someone like me t...It was fun yet busy..assignment never stop make me stressed..

5.Had Practical at Grand Margherita Hotel .

I did a few post back thr. And the good news is ...I finished my Practical !!!!!! Oh yeah I left HOUSEKEEPING !!!!! * fireworks *
The last day was damn packed...I worked housekeeping at 8 in the morning, havin 38 rooms !! Then start work part time banquet from 6pm till 10pm... Then went to BCCK for the countdown and had fun... Then went to frens house for sleepover ...Busy day !! but me like it <3

6.I started to spent alot .

When i started to have income.. I started to spent because i think i should spoilt myself abit for working so hard.. But end up spending alotsa money ><

7. Started to wear formal !

Spot me! haha. it is compulsory for me to wear coat, black heel, hair bun..etc...I refuses alot at first .. But i started to liked it more and more now....

8. Had my driving license

Although driving gives freedom sometimes... But its is tiring also ><

9. Love my girls more and more.
Love them . They have given me alot of support actually throughout this year.. maybe then din realize it but i really thank and love them alot !!

10. First time joined X'mas party and New Year's Countdown

Fun nites!! Will update soon i get the photos !!

Conclusion is...

Happy New Year Everyone !!!!!!!!!!


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